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RIP: Steve Jobs 1955-2011.

Celebrating the life of a legend.  Apple.com is calling on people to send stories of inspiration and life to the e-mail address listed on their website.




iPhone 4S: Thoughts from the morning after


Sometimes it takes the cold sobering light of morning to know how you really feel about something (or someone). And so after taking almost 24 hours to let the effects of Apples' infamous reality distortion field wear off, I am ready to assess my feelings on the new iPhone. And the dominant feeling from the announcement yesterday is (drum roll please...) excitment. 

iPhone 4S -- Siri is the game changer

The disappointment in not seeing an iPhone 5 is silly. The iPhone 4S is a radical step forward -- thanks to Siri. So what if the phone looks the same? The way you interact with it has been utterly transformed. This is what Apple has excelled at for over 30 years. And this is why the iPhone 4S is revoluationary. Siri isn't just speech recognition; it's natural language understanding.

Got your iPhone 4 on order? How about a case?


I haven't ordered an iPhone 4 yet. I'm waiting for an iPhone 5. But I just learned about the Universal Sport Rugged Pouch case for the iPhone 4 and thought some of you who are buying the 4 might be interested.

What I like about it is:

#1 - It's Ballistic. Their products are always well made.

#2 I like the fold-over belt clip. That is really unique. It's handy, achieves the purpose and still looks great. 

New Waterfield iPhone 4S Cases (compatible with iP4 too)

For all you potential iPhone 4S owners (and compatible with iPhone 4)  direct from Waterfield:
"Today WaterField Designs announces the iPhone Wallet--a leather wallet with an innovative window to see and hear the Apple iPhone 4S, plus pockets for credit cards and cash--and the iPhone Hint!"--a slim leather sleeve als

PhotoPieces App Review


PhotoPieces is a fun little photo-manipulation app for iPhone that is based on creating photo-collages out of unique designs. The designs are available in the app as templates, although there is a very limited amount of them -- six to be exact. Despite this, the app is something unique on the App Store because it really allows you to create some interesting looking images.

iPhone 4S Event recap (with videos)


We have just concluded our live coverage of Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" event. Special thanks to our sponsors Wilson Electronics, Life Proof, and Flip Swap. Here is a video summary of today's announcement:


WINNERS: iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 10/4



Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekend Giveaway this week. We have selected the winners of this weekend's Giveaway. We gave away 10 apps!

Announcing iPhoneLife.com's Accessory Store


I am excited to announce the launch of our own iPhone / iPad accessory store. We've got hundreds of products to meet any need you have for your iOS device. Cases, Headsets, Car Mounts, and much more. 

Apple unveils iPhone 4S, no iPhone 5


Apple unveiled the newest member of the iPhone family today at its headquarters in Cupertino, California: the iPhone 4S. 

Expectation was building to massive proportions before the event, with many expecting Apple to unveil an "iPhone 5."

Apple instead unveiled a very impressive series of features built into their new iPhone 4S, and it'll be available starting October 14th, with pre-ordering starting Oct 7th. Here are the main features:

A pen and stylus in one - the Braketron Style-iT is the perfect solution



The new Bracketron Style-iT includes both a stylus and a ballpoint pen – how handy is that! Now, whether I’m working on my iPad or jotting a note down on paper, I have the tool to do it. No more searching for a pen or stylus in the bottom of my purse or computer bag.

iPhone Game Review: Stinger Foosball League


Stinger Games’ newly launched Stinger Foosball League takes a game that’s already a step removed from reality into a truly virtual environment.  Foosball, of course, is the table version of football or soccer.  With Stinger Foosball League, the field that was crammed into a table in a pub is now in your iOS device.

Live Video Show for Apple's "Lets Talk iPhone" Event


We're excited to announce that we will host a live pre, during, and post-show analysis on iphonelife.com, around Apple’s long-awaited “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event.

The Pre-show will start live streaming on iphonelife.com at 9:30am Pacific/12:30pm Eastern time and will continue through Apple's announcement, with the post-show immediately after.

Join us as we round-up the rumors and expectations surrounding the iPhone 5 event, and as we analyze Apple's announcement.

GPS Navigation App for Free


I just discovered a free GPS app for my iPhone called Waze. Free is usually an indicator of a light version of a full app. Not here. I have played around with and paid for some full featured navigation apps and have not been terribly impressed. I actually just drove from NYC with my brother, to Greensboro NC. We had two iPad, two iPhones and a built in GPS in my brothers vehicle. It was a Mo, Larry, Curly moment. We stopped multiple times by the side of the road to determine why all the devices were giving us different info, and actually got lost once. I am just glad my wife wasn't in the car or I would still be hearing about it. Anyway, I digress.

iPhone 5 appears temporarily on Cincinnati Bell website


One new iPhone or two? Tomorrow we'll know. The latest evidence for a new iPhone 5 model is the inadvertent appearance of a listing for it on the Cincinnati Bell website, according to TUAW. And the specs on the posted listing showed that the phone will have an 8-megapixel camera, 4G dataspeed, and a 4-inch screen. The evidence seems good — but this is still a rumor. The hardest part to believe is the 4G dataspeed and the fact that this particular carrier only offers prepay options.

New evidence for 64GB iPhone 4S model


Tomorrow we'll learn what Apple has up its sleeve, and we'll move from reporting rumors to explaining details. For now, the evidence continues to mount that an iPhone 4S will be announced along with a presumed iPhone 5. Gizmodo has posted actual photos of an iPhone 4S from the manufacturing plant in Brazil.

Magazine Organization 101!



Need an easier way to organize your subscribed magazines or your magazines of choice?  Well look no further than Magzter.  Quite frankly,  this application is innovative.  The main screen contains four main options: featured, new arrivals, categories, and search.


Review - Running Windows 8 on my iPad!


I have to start this post by saying it's sort of a cheat. I'm not currently aware of a way to run Windows 8 on an iPad (maybe our uber-tech blogger Werner does, though), but you can do a pretty fair emulation with a few PC/Mac tools and the excellent TeamViewer app. I'm also going to provide my thoughts (along with some quick vids and review notes) on the developer preview of Windows 8, and why I think Microsoft is getting it right! And yes, I am mostly testing it on my iPad (not the same as running it I admit)...


Update: Waterfield Travel Express



Back in June I reviewed the Waterfield Travel Express for the Apple Keyboard. I use it mostly during travel times so I wanted to give you a brief update and some news. It’s still going strong and is one of my favorite organizational accessories. It was designed for the Keyboard and additional accessories. But I have a secret to tell. SSSHHHH! I have been using it with my 7” Samsung Galaxy tab also. Obviously it’s too big for it, but it also holds my needed accessories at the same time. With that said, there are Travel Expresses designed for your iPad too.

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