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Indie Rapper Fat Tony Kills Time with His iPhone


The words hustle and grind are often used by rappers, but often those buzz words fall flat of reality. Yes, there are some who take the mantra and give it credibility, but others are just spitting empty words. Fat Tony, the indie-rap pride of Houston, Texas, exemplifies the spirit of the grind.

Leaked iPad 5 Photos


Today, Mashable.com posted the most recent photos of the soon-to-be-released iPad and iPad mini. They are purported to be, as usual, faster and thinner than the current lineup, with an improved camera (possibly the same as the iPhone 5s but more likely the 5c.) The screen bezel is supposed to be reduced to allow for a slight reduction in outer dimensions.

E-Book Price Fixing: What, if Anything, did Apple do Wrong?


Apple recently filed an appeal over a federal court ruling that condemned the software giant for colluding with publishers to fix prices of eBooks sold through the iBooks web store. The ruling decrees monitoring of future practices and a breaking of those contracts with publishers that include price point agreements. The company is denying any wrongdoing in the case, steadfastly driving forward on an appeal that several experts have stated will be hard to win. It is also somewhat brow raising that publishers have already agreed to take their medicine and put the nasty business behind them by settling their cases. Apple CEO Tim Cook described the case as "bizarre," and e-mails sent by Steve Jobs were even dredged up during the case proceedings. What, if anything, did Apple do wrong? Read on to hear my ruling in the case...

Apple News this Week: The Next iPhone, a New iPad Event & the Tablet Touchscreen Speed Test.


In this week's Apple news: Rumors swirl about next year's iPhone 6, Apple sets a date for the unveiling of the upcoming next generation iPad and iPad mini, and the results are in for the recent benchmark tablet touchscreen responsiveness testing.

Apple offers new iPhone Tips and Tricks Page


Apple recently updated it's website to include Tips and Tricks for iOS 7.

Although most of tips can be used for all iPhone models, Apple lists the tips as phone specific for the 5s, 5c, and 4s

Apple advertises the Tips and Tricks as making "the things you do every day even easier."

Skype Releases New Version with iOS 7 Theme


Skype has now released a new version of their popular calling/videoconferencing/chat app, giving it a new look and feel in keeping with the design of the new iOS 7 software. A post on the Skype blog also outlines new features that enhance accessibility:

Boldly Go to MacTech L.A. to Testdrive a Tesla and Sit in Captain Picard's Chair


If you weren't already sold on joining me at MacTech Los Angeles in early November, thanks to the iPhone Life $100-off discount code, perhaps this will sweeten the deal.

Tesla will be letting attendees take a test drive in their electronic vehicles! 

Meet the Woman Who Gave Siri Her Voice


Siri's voice is computer-generated, of course, but the digitized sounds are based on the speech of a real person. Some websites were trying to find out who, eventually prompting Susan Bennett to come forward and admit to being the voice behind Siri. A fascinating article on the CNN website tells her story. She's been the voice of everything from Delta Airlines announcements in airports to the GPS devices. As a professional voice for a company called GM Voices, hers was selected as the voice which would be used in a database of words for constructing speech. 

Widespread Reports of Serious Flaws in iPhone 5s Motion Sensors


Late last week there were many reports online that the iPhone 5s has serious problems with its motion sensors: the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. Revealing photos, such as the one that accompanies the report by CNET, give clear evidence of the problem. The CNET photo shows an iPhone 5 on a table next to an iPhone 5s, each running the built-in iOS compass. The phones should show the same reading, but there is a large discrepancy. Similarly, the accelerometer is also error-prone. Gizmodo tested its accuracy by using a racing game that relies on tilting the device to control the action. They placed the iPhone 5s on a level surface and didn't move it, yet the device immediately showed a leftward tilt and sent the car in that direction. For hardcore gamers this is a major issue.

Best Buy Offering $50 Gift Card with iPhone 5c; WalMart, Radio Shack Drop Price


ABC News is reporting that Best Buy is currently offering a $50 gift card to those who purchase an iPhone 5c, effectively dropping the cost from $99.99 to $49.99. (You can apply the gift card to the price of the phone.) If you're looking to get one, now might be the time. It's not clear why they've dropped the price. Apple sold 9 million iPhones the first three days after launch, but didn't say how many of each model. Some analysts estimated that, based on the number of activations, the iPhone 5s was outselling the 5c three to one. Best Buy says their goal is to drive consumers to specific products. In an official statement, they said, "We view ourselves as a company that offers consumers something they can't get anywhere else -- all the phones, all the plans, all the carriers -- and look for any opportunity to delight our customers."

Game-Centered: Leaked Images Show First of the Apple Certified Game Controllers.

With iOS 7 Apple has introduced support for MFi (Made for iPhone), third-party game controllers. I anticipate that over the next few months we will see a plethora of options along with this one, which is purported to be Logitech’s entry into the field. This image comes to us from @evleaks which has a pretty good reputation for accurate information.

iPad Rumors: 8 Megapixel Camera, Touch ID for iPad 5


One rumor had suggested Apple would be holding an iPad event October 15, but I'm starting to doubt that. It almost certainly will happen this fall, but it's not clear when. While the new form factor of the forthcoming iPad 5 is fairly well documented, other details have been sparse. But now AppleInsider is reporting that both the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will have iPhone-quality 8-megapixel cameras. Citing KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the report says that the cameras will have an updated five-element lens module with larger aperture and possibly the larger 1.5-micron pixels seen in the iPhone 5S. 

Latest Rumors: Retina iPad Mini Delayed; iWatch to Have Flexible Display


If Apple does have an event this month to announce new iPads and new Mac laptops, it's hard to imagine what they'll offer regarding the iPad mini. Reuters is reporting today that the high-resolution retina display for the iPad mini simply isn't yet ready for production, according to sources in Apple's supply chain. 

Virgin Mobile Offers $100 Off on iPhones; Plans Start at $35/Month


Virgin Mobile began offering the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c yesterday, and this is quite likely the least expensive option for having an iPhone. Virgin is a no-contract carrier, meaning that you pay for the total cost of the phone up front and then pay as little as $35 per month for service. This lowest tier includes unlimited text and data, and 300 anytime minutes of calling. To take the bite out of that initial cost, Virgin Mobile is selling the unsubsidized phones for $100 less than Apple sells them. You can get the 16GB iPhone 5s for $550 and the 16GB iPhone 5c for $450. 

PaperHelper In Depth: An Interview with Cameron Oelsen


Last year, a new app called PaperHelper caught the attention of many. This app, produced and distributed by RumbleApps, was remarkable for two reasons. One was its novel approach to improving productivity in education along with a unique design interface. The other was that PaperHelper was the brainchild of two teenagers, Cameron Oelsen and Antony Basta, who had formed RumbleApps in 2010. PaperHelper was actually not their first appthat was QuikSocial (free), which gives users the chance to access multiple sources of entertainment and news in one seamless stream. 

MLB Will Be Utilizing iOS 7's iBeacon for 'At The Ballpark' App



Apple's location and proximity detection technology, iBeacon, will be playing a central role in MLB's soon-to-be-updated At The Ballpark app (free). The app will try to bring a new, interactive stadium experience, utilizing the iPhone's Bluetooth and iBeacon technologies for indoor mapping purposes.

While typical GPS services are great for travel, it isn't particularly effective while indoors. With iBeacon, micro-locations within stadiums will be created with a higher degree of accuracy.

More Detail on the Amazing iPhone 5s Camera, Including Sample Slow-Motion Videos


Likely one of the main reasons the iPhone 5s is off to such a remarkable start is the amazing camera, which has features that no other camera has, smartphone or otherwise. An excellent article on Computerworld gives an in-depth look at the technology inside the iPhone 5s camera, including the value of the larger sensor in letting in more light. The article also discusses the new Image Signal Processor in the A7 chip that gives capabilities only found in high-end cameras. For example, it uses "tonal mapping" to independently enhance the contrast in individual areas of the photo. It also uses multi-zone metering to give you much better autofocus.

Video Clearly Shows the Dimensions of New iPad Expected in October


Unhappily I'm in the market for a new iPad mini, having dropped mine this morning and cracked the screen. So I'm doubly looking forward to Apple's announcement of new iPads in October. One rumor has said the event will be coming Oct. 15. I hope that's correct. Meanwhile, we still know little about the new iPad mini, while videos continue to surface showing in detail what the new fifth-generation iPad will look like. The latest video (see below) gives the clearest overview yet of the relative sizes of the current iPad and iPad mini compared to the fifth-generation iPad. And again it shows that the new iPad will be thinner, lighter, and narrower. It also shows that there will be a second microphone on the back of the device. I don't recall having seen that detail before. 

Why is it so %$&# Hard to Make an App Easy?!?


The other night my wife and I were cooking dinner. We decided to try using a new app in order to find a new recipe. Unfortunately, this app was so poorly designed that it was practically impossible to use. Anyone could have designed that app better, right? Wrong. It’s hard to design something to be easy to use. And there is a science behind why it's so hard.

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