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Free Data Plan from T-Mobile for New iPad


I like free. And that's what T-Mobile is charging for their base iPad data plan for new customers, according to Apple's website. You get 200MB per month. What happens if you go over that limit? It's not yet known, but they'll be holding a press conference today to give more details. You can check out their network coverage here to see if this might be a good option for you. Apple's page also shows the rates for the other three major carriers. AT&T starts at $14.99 for 250MB. Sprint's price is also $14.99, but you get 1GB of data per month. That's certainly the best deal if you need more than 200MB. Verizon's base plan had been $30 for 2GB, but they're now offering 1GB for $20. 

Will iWork Help Apple Catch up to Office?


With all of the new hardware changes announced at today's Apple keynote, the newest updates to the company's popular iWork apps have a very good chance of slipping by the wayside—at least for now. After all, when there are new iPads with fancy Retina displays, who really cares about word processing or making an advanced slideshow? Well, the answer, dear reader, is you. Here's why:

Wrapping Up Apple's Event Today Announcing New iPads and More


Once more, Apple has created a lot of excitement with their event today announcing new products. Perhaps the biggest surprises were the availability of the new version of the Mac OS (Mavericks) for free, the availability of the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) for free with the purchase of a new device, the higher price on the iPad mini, the speedy A7 64-bit chip for the mini, and the new name for the iPad: the iPad Air. Apple's move toward free software is unprecedented in the industry.

The New iPads Are Here! Apple's October Event Does Not Disappoint!


After months of rumors and speculation the new iPads have finally arrived! While there may not have been many mind-blowing surprises or startling revelations (other than the announcement that Mavericks will be available for FREE and compatible with computers going back as far as 2007 models), at least not for those of us who follow the ebb and flow of the Apple rumor mill. Nonetheless today’s event reminded us once again why Apple has the deserved reputation of creating the best tablets and computers on the market.

No Updated Apple TV At Apple iPad Announcement


Apple announced multiple updated products today, but the Apple TV, described by the late Steve Jobs as a "hobby," was left untouched. The rumor mill was rife in August when TechCrunch analyst MG Siegler posted that Apple was going to reveal either an updated Apple TV or "some sort of television product" at the unveiling of new iPads in October. Siegler walked that assertion back in recent days.

iWork and iLife are Now Free - And Collaborative!


Apple’s September announcement of the iPhone 5s and 5c brought welcome news for users wishing for new productivity applications along with their enhanced devices: free copies of the popular iWork and iLife apps. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, are staples for any professional interfacing with Microsoft Office documents, Adobe Acrobat files, Open Office formats, and the options even include saving certain Pages documents as iBooks files.  iLife includes applications like iPhoto, GarageBand, and iMovie

Today, Apple expanded the generosity in multiple ways. In addition to introducing the new iPad Air, the updated MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro computers, the company announced that iWork and iLife will now come free on any new iOS or OS X device purchased.

Low-End iPads Include iPad 2 and Original iPad Mini


I still can't get over the fact that Apple raised the price on the mini. They almost always introduce the new model at the same price as before. So the lineup as they head into the holiday season for the low-end 16GB WiFi models is: $299 for the iPad mini, $399 for the iPad mini with retina display, $399 for the iPad 2 (which they're continuing to sell as their low-end iPad), and $499 for the iPad Air. Price wise, I think the best deal is the new iPad Air, and I can imagine it'll be a big seller.

A Developer's View of the New iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display


Today, Apple announced a slew of new products. It seems like only yesterday Apple released the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and of course iOS 7. Indeed it was less than a month ago. And only a month or so before that, the Apple analysts were complaining that Apple wasn't innovating! This is all good news for users, but it's a mixed blessing for us developers. New hardware with new features, and a major update to the operating system means this is a challenge. But, in Chinese, challenge is another word for opportunity, and coincidentally, the Chinese market has taken to the iPhone 5c and 5s, and the new iPad Air will be available at launch in China, for the first time!

iPads Enter Era of 64-bit Processing


Apple touted the new A7 64-bit processor when it launched the iPhone 5s, and while some commentators said it was a revolutionary breakthrough, some critics said it was a gimmick that wouldn't mean much in terms of user experience. The critics were wrong. Subsequent testing has indeed shown that the iPhone 5s is the "world's fastest smartphone." Everything simply works faster, from running apps to downloading videos. So it's big news that Apple is now using the chip in the iPad.

Apple Event: Apple Announces iPad Mini with Retina Display


The rumors were all over the place regarding the iPad mini, with some saying it would have a higher resolution display and others saying that the technology wasn't ready and that the retina iPad mini was being postponed. So the good news, just announced, is that indeed there will be a new iPad mini with retina display, with 2,048x1,36 pixels. The form factor is basically the same, but the colors are new: silver and space gray. The big surprise is that the mini now has the speedy A7 64-bit processor. CPU tasks are up to four times faster and graphics tasks are up to eight times faster than the previous generation mini. It also has the new M7 coprocessor.

Apple Event: Apple Announces iPad Air - Slimmer, Lighter, Faster


As was rumored, Apple has just announced a new 9.7-inch iPad — the fifth generation of this model. And it has a new name: iPad Air. It's the lightest full-sized tablet computer in the world. It has a form factor similar to the iPad mini, with narrower bezels left and right making the device overall a bit narrower. It's also thinner and lighter. The previous iPad was 1.4 pounds, compared to 1 pound for the iPad Air. The previous iPad was 9.4 mm thick, and the iPad Air is 7.5 mm.

Apple Event: New Version of iWork: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote - Free!


Also today Apple introduced new versions of the iWork suite for both iOS and the Mac. The applications have been completely rewritten from the ground up for the Mac, and of course the new versions take advantage of the 64-bit processing of the new iOS devices. And all three include lots of amazing new features. 

Apple Event: New Versions of iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band


Apple has announced new versions of the iLife apps: Garage Band, iMovie, and iPhoto. All now have a new look for iOS 7, and all have some great new features, including desktop-class effects for iMovie. 

Apple Event: New Mac OS (Mavericks) Available Today - For Free!


Apple began today's event by covering the extraordinary successes of the recent launches. Over 9 million iPhones were sold the first 3 days. Over 200 million people downloaded iOS 7 in the first 5 days. 

Apple will Live Stream Today's iPad Event


Today is the big day! At 10 a.m. Pacific Time, Apple CEO Tim Cook will put all those rumors  to rest once and for all as he takes the stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.  And this time they're livestreaming the event! Soon we will know whether the 5th-generation iPad will have Touch ID, if there will be a second-generation iPad mini with Retina display, whether Apple TV is getting an update, and whether “We still have a lot to cover” includes an iWatch.

10 Things to Expect from Apple’s Oct. 22 Event


It was only last month Apple unveiled the new iMacs and iPhone 5s and 5c, and released its redesigned mobile operating system, iOS 7. But Apple is not through for the year yet. Last week, the company officially announced a special event to take place tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The invitation, adorned with colorful fall leaves, simply says “We still have a lot to cover.” Here's a roundup of the refreshed products Apple is most likely to deliver in time for the holidays.

And of course, check back with us tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific time or 1 p.m. Eastern time for live coverage of the event.

What I Secretly Hope Apple Announces on Tuesday


Last week, Apple sent out invitations for their October 22nd event in San Francisco (For full coverage of the event, visit iPhoneLife.com on Tuesday). If you’ve been following Apple for a while, you know the drill. They’ll announce an update to their current product lines, maybe surprise us with a new gadget, and start shipping them out to the public within a couple of weeks.

Apple announcements are surrounded by an anticipation and hype that seldom lives up to expectations. Even though Apple’s latest products (the iPhone 5s and 5c) continue to be well received, the last few product announcements have seemed particularly lackluster. Where is the showmanship? Where’s the awe and wonder? Tim Cook’s mild-mannered style works well for managing a complex web of international supply lines, but it doesn’t exactly pop on stage. So in addition to the rumored new iPads, here’s what I’m secretly hoping will happen on Tuesday when when Tim Cook and company take the stage.

The Trouble With Old App Versions


Apple found itself dealing with a brush fire recently due to their decision to make older versions of developed and published apps available to users. (You can find the original statement on their site here.)This option has a couple of pros and cons that demand a closer look, and may prove to create a new line of thinking.

AT&T Announces New iPad Data Plans: $5/day, $25/3 months


I've always bought iPads capable of connecting to the cellular data network. But I really don't like the extra expense. It's great to see that AT&T now has some very appealing options. For those who only need occasional connectivity, such as during a day trip, AT&T has announced a plan that's $5 per day for 250MB of data that can be used over a 24-hour period. In addition, they announced a $25 option that gives you 1GB of data that you can use over a three-month period. This would be a perfect option for me. I'm currently paying Verizon $20/month for 1GB, but I never use all of that. I probably use about half or less.

Did You Get Invited?


The invitations have gone out. It is now official. Apple is having an event on Oct. 22. The rumors are in full swing and the prognosticators are doing what they do best—reading the tea leaves.

For instance, what do the colored leaves tell us in the invitation photo? Do they mean the iPad or iPad mini will come in 5c colors?

"We still have a lot to cover"? Does that mean the new iPad will have a new cover? Maybe a keyboard like the Surface?

Is there a new product we haven't seen yet that will come in colors?

Will the iPad mini's cover protect a new retina screen?

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