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Siva Om is a freelance writer and blogger. He's covered the latest trends and developments in mobile tech for over a decade. Siva founded iDoc Tech Support computer services in 2002. He has been an avid gamer ever since getting his Atari console in 1977. When not working, Siva enjoys adventuring off the beaten path.

iPad mini unveiling likely to be October 23


News of the enigmatic iPad mini has been filled with some of the most back and forth, on again/off again rumors in recent history of Apple product releases. In fact, I'd have to look back to 2007, when the rumor mill was in full grind over the purported existence of the original iPhone to find a time when an Apple product was shrouded in this much secrecy and uncertainty.
With rumors swirling for months about the actuality of the iPad mini, and most recently, pointing to specific release dates this month, it’s no wonder the Apple community is waiting with bated breath for some official word from Cupertino. Well, I'm not saying you can stop holding your breath just yet, however, AllThingsD has encouraging news this morning.

Kickstart This! The Jorno Ultra-Mini Bluetooth Keyboard.



If you follow my articles, you know that I am a big fan of products that allow us to better merge our technical, mobile lifestyles with accessories that allow us to live our life on the go. I appreciate tools that support us in being as mobile with our gadgets as possible, and along those lines, I'd like to bring to your attention a neat little accessory that will be high on my wish list when it becomes available, the Jorno mini, Bluetooth keyboard.



With its rechargeable lithium ion battery, and measuring 3.5 by 3.5 by 1.2 inches when folded, and 8.5 inches wide, by 3.5 incehs high, and less than half an inch thick when opened, the Jorno is a functional godsend to all business folks, power users and prolific writers out there.

Apple and House of Marley "Double the Love" for children's charity.



Apple and House of Marley have joined forces for a limited time to promote the children's charity Little Kids Rock.


House of Marley, the lifestyle accessory company formed by Bob Marley's offspring, Rohan Marley, brings to market an original, earth-friendly and conscientous brand of quality gear. House of Marley is already recognized for it's charitable works and environmentally responsible business model, annually giving 5% of their profits to the 1Love Foundation, which was formed by Bob Marley's wife Rita. Now, and for the rest of October, Apple is proudly featuring House of Marley audio products and carry bags in the Apple store. Together, they are "doubling the love" and doubling the ammount donated to charity. Through the month of October, 10% of House of Marley's profits from Apple store sales will be donated to the charity Little Kid's Rock, which serves to bring musical intruments and music education to under-served schools and students.

Lifeproof CEO Gary Rayner addresses the huge demand for the Lifeproof iPhone 5 case.



Today the CEO of Lifeproof, Gary Rayner, addressed the leigons of Lifeproof fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 5 Lifeproof  waterproof and shockproof case. Even though the iPhone 5 became available almost a month ago, Lifeproof's award-winning case design has yet to go on sale for the new device. Read on after the break for Rayner's message.

Wall Street Journal reports that Apple orders 10 million iPad Minis


The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple has ordered as many as 10 million units of the as-yet-unconfirmed, iPad mini. This information comes on the heels of CNN's Fortune reporting to us that invitations to the iPad mini's media event will be sent out on October 10th, heralding an October 17th product unveiling, with the iPad mini becomming available by early November.

Best new iOS games to debut in the App Store. [Reviews]




Time for my game reviews of some of the latest and best newcomers to the App Store! We have a whole slew of new games with more on the way, so let’s take a minute to recap what we have so far. These are a few of my favorites of the new crop of games that have popped up in the App Store! This week's reviews include the smash-hit Apocalypse Max as well as new endless runners, Zaxxon Escape and Amazing Runner.

The iPad Mini: Newest renderings reveal a work of Modern Art.


 Feast your eyes on these latest images...



The folks at Gizmodo (courtesy of designer Martin Hajek) have published the latest renderings of the upcoming iPad mini based on leaked images, details and specs. The iPad mini promises to not only be one of the best tablets on the market, mini or otherwise, but it also seems like it will be the most elegantly beautiful. Maybe I'm biased, as a lifelong Apple loyalist, but I think most of you would have to agree with me when you look at the images here, that Apple hasn't just released a product that represents a masterpiece of craftsmanship and technology, but also looks like pure eye-candy!



Introducing the TAKTIK case: Top-quality, ultra-rugged protection for your iPhone.



Look out, there's a new contender for title of Best Rugged iPhone Case.


I first wrote about the TAKTIK case a few months ago when it was still gestating in Kickstarter phase. Well, the TAKTIK is finally available to purchase, and wow, is it ever a great case! Indeed, the TAKTIK is one of the best rugged iPhone cases you will find!


The TAKTIK extremely rugged case for the iPhone by LUNATIK is one of the best heavy-duty cases for the iPhone available. Perhaps one of its most unique and outstanding features is the option to have a super-thin, genuine Gorilla Glass screen protector pre-installed. There's no shortage of rugged-protection iPhone cases on the market that come equipped with an integrated, plastic screen protector, but I have to say, offering this case with a Gorilla Glass screen protector is pure genius. Never before has any protective case included such an option and what a welcome innovation it is!

iPad mini: What we know so far...



I for one, can't wait for the new iPad mini to be released. I'm banking on a device that comes with a 3G-capable option (and hopefully Siri too, if not a Retina display), and I already have plans to put it to good use.
I'm taking it camping, I'm using it to write my blogs and articles, I'm using it to make my phone calls, I'm using it to play video games, to take pictures, make videos, create illustrations and more... I just hope good cases become available soon (I'm sure they will) and that the pockets on my cargo pants are big enough, because I'm going to be carrying the iPad mini around with me everywhere very soon.
What can we expect to see revealed when the iPad mini is unveiled?  Well, we won't know for sure until Apple plays their hand on the world stage, but we will find out soon enough. The iPad mini is due to become available around the end of this month, likely somewhere between 10/29 and 11/2. Just in time for the holiday season, and also just in time to give Google’s Nexus and Amazon’s Kindle a good trouncing, which I'm sure is part of Apple’s game plan.

Otterbox Defender for the iPhone 5. Rugged protection, better than ever!



Otterbox continues in their tradition of excellence with the new and improved Defender series for the iPhone 5.
The new iPhone 5 is definitely the toughest iPhone version yet! That doesn't mean it can't be scuffed, scratched or get broken. To insure the safety and longevity of your iPhone 5 a good case can make all the difference, especially if you happen to be rough on your iPhone for any reason.
To the rescue comes the Otterbox Defender. Whether you are a bit clumsy by nature or a nature enthusiast by choice, from the city to the outback, the Otterbox Defender will give your iPhone 5 some of the best protection available.
Many of you are already familiar with the Otterbox Defender series. It's been one of the most popular and successful cases for the iPhone, widely available in major retail outlets around the world. And now, with the introduction of their newest Version of the Defender, Otterbox has improved upon what was already an excellent product.

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