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iPad mini Update: Amazing new high resolution, 3D interactive mockup, and latest images of what the iPad mini may look like.



As the date of unveiling for the new iPhone draws near, more images are surfacing of the newest iPad, known as the iPad mini, which is expected to be released sometime in October.



MacRumors has recently joined forces with Ciccarese Design, and drawn upon the rumors, parts leaks and concepts from case manufacturers to create the latest renderings of the new iPad mini, as well as an incredible 3D interactive model of the device that you can check out.

The CellHelmet Case and New Screen Protector: Your iPhone, Guaranteed!



Sometimes, the simplest solution can be the best solution. For CellPig, the manufacturers of the CellHelmet for the iPhone and now, the soon to be released CellHelmet Screen Protector for the iPhone and for the iPad, finding the simplest solution is how they've approached their business strategy. While their CellHelmet case and Screen Protector may not boast the fanciest military specs, their products also do what no other case manufacturer does; and that is to offer a replacement guarantee in the event any calamity should befall your precious iPhone resulting in either the iPhone breaking or the screen getting scratched or cracked. With a deal as sweet as that, one can only hope that they add an iPad case to their extensive catalog before too long as well!

iPad mini Update: A roundup of the latest images depicting what the iPad mini will look like.



Check out the latest concept design I've come across (courtesy of iMore) of the iPad mini in the above image. With the expected launch of the elusive iPad mini, mere weeks away, we may hope (and to an extent, expect) to see more images of the iPad mini begin to surface and float around the net. Although prototype images have been few and far between (I suspect Apple has just been holding true to its intention of clamping down of security leaks, not to mention the huge red herring that is the new iPhone) mock ups by skilled desiners haven't been so scarce. Taking all the clues and bits of information we have gleaned, along with those few images of actual, alleged protypes, various designers have created what seem to be rather likely renderings of what the new iPad mini will most probably look like.

iPad mini Update: New information continues to point to an October launch.



Barring some kind of unforeseen apocalyptic event in the next few weeks, the highly anticipated iPad mini, with its 7.85 inch screen, will be here soon.
Yesterday Instapaper developer, Marco Armnet reported his findings within his developer code logs that reference what he believes to be the forthcoming miniature iPad. For details on the specific code references, click HERE.
Today, reputable source, Bloomberg also bolsters reports that the iPad mini will be arriving in October. For full details of their report, click HERE.

The nüüd. Lifeproof's entry into the iPad case market steals the show.



If you are looking for a case that will provide the most protection (including waterproofness) for your iPad while keeping the bulk to an absolute minimum, do yourself a favor and check out the nüüd, by case design experts, Lifeproof! Truly, I can say, this is one of the best all-purpose, heavy-duty cases on the market and one I can highly recommend, whether it's for everyday use around the house, a day at the office, working on a construction project or rugged outback adventures. You name it; this case will have you covered!

Top 3 iOS games of the week! Featuring The Walking Dead, Horn and Eternity Warriors 2.




Welcome to my Game Review column, featuring the hottest, best-selling new games in the App Store! As the end of the year approaches, and the holiday season draws near, I'll be publishing regular, detailed reviews of some of the best, most original and most unique new games to hit the App Store. Hang on tight, cuz we are in for an onslaught of great new games over the next few months!


This week’s featured games include:

* The latest Unreal Engine powered game, Horn. 

* The unique and immersive adventure, The Walking Dead. 

* The latest chapter in the Eternity Warriors saga, Eternity Warriors 2.




A little comic relief! Jerry Seinfeld and Siri...


Just a quick posting! I saw this funny clip from my old friend Jerry Seinfeld, talking it up with my new friend Siri, in his online comedy show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.


It's short! Check it out and I hope you enjoy!



iPad Mini Update: Reliable sources point to an October media event unveiling. New device to officially be called "iPad mini".



First expert Apple analyst John Gruber, and then the good Mr. Jim Dalrymple weighed in on the speculation swirling around the upcoming product launch of the iPad mini. I folowed up on their reports with my own investigating and found that I simply couldn't argue with their reasoning. As I recently reported, it seems entirely plausible that the Apple iPad mini will not launch in conjunction with the iPhone 5, as I initially thought might have been the case. It is all but assured that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled at a September 12th event, becoming available on or around September 21st, with the iPad mini to be introduced about a month later.


Now AllThingsD and Macrumors have also chimed in, in support of an expected product lauch of the iPad mini at a completely seperate media event in October. In fact, AllThingsD has gone so far, and been so bold as to call the new expected launch date in October "confirmed".

Apple vs Samsung: Tim Cook addresses Apple employees after jury's verdict in favor of Apple.



Well, as I reported earlier, the jury in the Apple versus Samsung legal battle has returned their verdict this evening, and it goes heavily in Apple's favor. This precedent setting case has, from the start, been about far more that just the billion plus dollars the jury awarded Apple. Rather this case, and the jury's subsequent ruling in Apple's favor, has already been sending shockwaves through the world of smartphones and tablets. Apple now has the momentum, and it's clear that companies that may have thought they got away with blatant patent infringement and theft of intellectual property (cough, Google, cough) may indeed have somethings to worry about. Apple decisively won this case (even assuming Samsung appeals to the extent of the law) and since their revolutionary product was released in 2007, the world of smartphones has simply not been the same, (or rather it's been more the same than ever), as other manufacturers raced to ride Apple's coat-tails to the bank. So many phones now look and (try to) act like the iPhone. With the decision of this jury, a clear message has been sent: manufactures of all these Apple knockoffs have been given ample fair warning.


In an email to Apple corporate employees Apple's CEO issued these following words:

[Review] Top three, rugged iPhone cases under $20.00.



There is undoubtedly no shortage of heavy-duty cases on the market, and I've tested most of them, under extreme circumstances. And to an extent, you do get what you pay for. However, you don't have to invest $40.00 or $50.00 and up for a good, protective iPhone case that will protect your iPhone from day to day hazards and abuse. These entry level, "heavy-duty" cases can fit anyone's budget, none costing more than $20.00.



$20.00 for a case that will protect your valuable iPhone against most drops and jolts that you are likely to encounter is not a bad deal at all. All three of these cases are pretty similar in their construction, so your decision would be more a matter of taste and personal preference than one of functionality and protection.



Each of these cases share certain good attributes, namely a silicone, shock absorbing skin encased within a rigid polycarbonate shell. None of these cases have integrated clear plastic screen protection, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, considering the great strength and durability of the built in Gorilla Glass touchscreen.


That said, meet my top three picks for most affordable, rugged protection cases.

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