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I have been using Apple products for over 10 years and absolutely love iOS apps. I try to keep up-to-date with the latest and hottest apps so please let me know if I missed anything!

FreeAppDeals App is the Deal That Keeps Giving


Free App Deals from VIDI Capital Partners, LLC is an extention of the already wildly popular FreeAppDeals.com functionality.  The website has long been a top resource for iOS device users to find the best apps at the lowest prices, and this new application gives the site’s purpose another, even more convenient, avenue.

App Review: Alien: Doodle UFO: Slingshots vs. Extraterrestrials?



Only in a post-Angry Birds world would a slingshot be considered adequate anti-alien artillery.  But so be it, who knows what we’ll have at hand when they come for us?  Alien: Doodle UFO by Morning Egg, Inc. pits players against some oddly illustrated alien aircraft with a weapon that looks devised by Tom Sawyer.  And… it’s a whole lot of fun.

Secret of Chateau de Moreau Review - The Best Mystery Thriller for iOS to Grace the Appstore



4:33 Creative Labs look like they have a winner on their hands with the launch of Secret of Chateau de Moreau.  The new game is an adventure/mystery title that utilizes story telling and puzzle solving to suck players in and plot twists and alternate endings to keep them hooked. 

iPhone Mystery Adventure “Secret of Chateau de Moreau” Optioned for Film



Movie rights for Secret of Chateau de Moreau, a mystery/thriller iPhone adventure game from 4:33 Creative Lab, have been optioned by EK Films. The game immerses players in the interactive story of Antoine Moreau, who has inherited his foster father’s enormous wealth, along with the mystery of his foster father’s murder—in which Antoine himself is a suspect.

App Review: Fully Loaded "Top Camera" Tops Competing Camera Apps Easily


Lucky Clan’s impressive new camera and photo editing app, Top Camera, has many iPhone users ditching other apps as unnecessary clutter.  The secret to Top Camera’s appeal is its ability to all of the  most-wanted cam and editing features in one well-organized and easy to use interface.  From photo capturing to enhancement to sharing across multiple platforms, Top Camera is a one-stop-shop for the iPhone photo enthusiast.

App Review: Q Pang an Adorable, Absurd, Destructive & Addictive iOS Shoot ‘em Up!


Bobtan studio had a hit on its hands when it released Q Pang, a strikingly strange and amusing take on the traditional alien invasion standoff game type.  Developers have gone above and beyond with this little beauty, giving Q Pang even more material to satisfy current and potential fans of the game.

App Review: RabbitDash for the iPhone


Game maker Dragon Stone’s new release, Rabbit Dash, sets itself up against some fierce competition.  iPhone users aren’t exactly lacking in options if they like the continuously scrolling, beat-the-clock style offered by the endless-running genre.  So what makes Rabbit Dash so special that it has a chance against the heavy hitters in this genre saturating iTunes?

App Review: Stock Chartist for iPhone





Every now and then an application comes along that really shows off the potential for iPhone to contribute significantly to users’ lives in a new way.  Stock Chartist looks like it just may be one of those applications.

It’s a stock market tracking app, but Stock Chartist does more than provide a scrolling marquee.  It’s customizable in every conceivable way, giving users the opportunity to keep a close eye on their stocks’ performance anytime, anywhere, any way they’d like to. 


App Review: SquareUpMax for the iPhone


There’s no shortage of puzzle based games (or really, games in any genre) in the App Store.  Competition is fierce, and puzzle games are a perfect solution for getting the votes of the casual gaming crowd—a big portion of the mobile game-loving population.  SquareUpMax, from developers BroSoft, hopes to earn a piece of the pie.

SquareUpMax challenges players to reconstruct an arrangement of various geometric shapes, styled as blocks of wood and other objects, after an explosion has disrupted the pattern.  Players must reconstruct the pattern quickly, using the minimum number of moves to progress. 

App Review: Lamebo vs Zombie for iPhone




With the vast number of iPhone games available, it takes some doing for a game to get noticed—let alone be acclaimed.  And there’s no shortage of games with Zombies, who seem to be the undead-du-jour of mobile gaming at the moment.  Nonetheless, Swag Soft’s Lamebo vs Zombies manages to be an attention-grabber and better yet, worthy of a deeper look.  

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