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iHome iDM11: Review


The iHome iDM11 is one powerful cube.  It offers great sound quality at any volume level.  It connects very simple by using Bluetooth.  It can be used with any device, which has Bluetooth capability.  I have connected it to my iPhone 4S, ipad 2, ipod 4th gen, and Macbook Pro, and iMac 27 inch.  All these devices connected without any problems and added great sound quality to all of them.



IPEVO has developed one the more elegant folio style Bluetooth keyboards.  The Bluetooth folio style case is called Typi.  The Typi connects very easily through Bluetooth 2.0.  Simply slide the ipad in the Typi folio case and connect by typing the four digit code.  You will now be able to leave the heavy laptop behind on business trips or vacation.  The ipad can easily be transformed into a workhorse in conjunction with the Typi Bluetooth case.

Turn iPad into Complete Entertainment System: Scosche BassDock


  The Scosche BassDock offers pounding bass and superb sound for the ipad.  It will accommodate either the ipad 1 or 2.  The adapter needed to secure the ipad is included with the BassDock.  We all know the sound quality of the ipad is a bit lacking to say the least.  However, equip the ipad with the BassDock and rock the entire office.  The Bassdock has two 1.6’’ speakers and a single 3-inch woofer for bass.  The stand can be tilted to prefer viewing angle.

ClarityOne EarBuds: Review


  ClarityOne earbuds deliver the best sound I have ever heard from earbuds.  The highs, mids, and low mixture are perfect due to the 3D mixing processor they have inside them.  It definitely makes a major difference in the sound quality.  These are fairly new to the market but expect big things.  Needless to say, I do expect we will be “hearing” great things from the ClarityOne team.  The also include a PureSound Processor which eliminates virtually all distortion.

Stabile Pro Coil iPad Stand: Review


The Stabile Pro Coil is a long, snakelike, flexible coil stand for the iPad.  The Stabile Pro Coil can be manipulated into any shape imaginable.  It’s great for the home, office, and even the automobile.  My favorite place to use the Stabile Pro Coil is the automobile. The Stabile Pro Coil makes viewing directions much easier on the iPad screen.  It’s extremely strong and flexible for holding the iPad into position.  The Stabile Pro Coil has a little brother called the NaJa King.  The Naja King can be used with the iPhone or iPod.  One of the best features of all the Stabile stands is their ability to be used with or without a case.

iPad Helps Comedian Perform

It's nice to see Steve Jobs continues to touch lives after his passing. The comedian in the video below, referred to as LostVoiceGuy a.k.a LVG, performs by using speech applications on the iPad. He lost his voice at an early age. The video contains some bad language. It's still an awesome video. Check it out.

Remove Fingerprints and Smudges From iDevices


Are you tired of fingerprints on your iPad screen? Are you looking for a convenient way to keep your touch screen devices fingerprint and smudge free? The Cloth Addiction is a microfiber, soft, reusable cloth for touchscreen devices. It is also a great cloth to remove fingerprints and smudges from your iPhone screen, iPod screen, and even camera lenses. The cloth addiction works unbelievable by removing fingerprints, lint, and smudges. It removes lint and smudges from the screen without the need for other solutions. It is a reusable, washable and an eco-friendly cloth.  This is a must for any idevice user of any kind. It comes in a packed of two cloths. 

Munitio Billet Earphones: Review


Technology has become a great part of all of our daily lives.  Things such as cell phones, earphones, and other tech products are with us every place we go throughout the day.  These items can be used to reflect our individual character or personalities. 



The Urban SetGo bag is great for carrying many different kinds of items at one time. The feature, which makes the SetGo bag so unique, is its ability to carry so many different types of items. It has compartments and Velcro straps for items of different sizes such as cameras, cell phones, money, or a magazine. The SetGo makes carrying a multitude of items very comfortable. It also offers much-needed security for the items, which you are carrying. We all know the price of a new iPhone today is around $600. By carrying the iPhone inside the SetGo bag the user can be assured of its security. It not only prevents vicarious activity but prevents the phone from being dropped or sliding out of the bag.

Tweetbot for iPad Released


Following the release of the tweetbot iphone version 2.0 today was the ipad version of Tweetbot.  Twitter has been a popular social media client for some time.   Some users may prefer Facebook while others would choose Twitter.  This difference is what makes the world a colorful place.  Tweetbot has been my favorite Twitter client since it first released.   The thing I like best about Tweetbot is the notification sounds.  It has awesome sound effects for sending and receiving tweets.

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