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Instasave (HD) - native iPad instagram browser


If you enjoy using Instagram to add effects to your photos and then sharing them with your friends, you'll be delighted to know about this new native iPad app for IGers.

The minimalist user interface is simple and elegant with a menu slider to leave the pictures with the most screen real estate. The interface is very easy to pick up and use.

The grid view is the home of the app and this is the main view.

Key features -

NewsQuakes - Get the latest earthquake news in your neighborhood or around the world

I love living in California, but I am always waiting for the next 'big one'.

The app, NewsQuakes, will not predict this, but it will show you the latest quakes in your area. You can see earthquakes that have happened in past day, hour or week. You can see these listed in detail or by push pins on a map. It also includes volcano alerts from around the world.

It has a wealth of interesting video and audio clips from USGS, along with a calendar of upcoming lectures on related subjects in California.

The interface of this app is very smooth and appealing. It works on both the iPhone and the iPad. The iPad app is a full screen version.

For just 99 cents, it is definitely worth adding to your collection.

Carbonite on your phone


I use Carbonite on my desktop PC to backup my data to the cloud. Carbonite now has an iPhone/iPad app. This app allows you to access all your desktop files that have been backed up, from your iPhone/iPad. You can even listen to all your music stored on your desktop, from your device if it has been backed up by Carbonite. So now, not only is my desktop data safe, it is also accessible from my iPhone/iPad.

Unofficial Black Belt Magarchive App

I love my martial arts almost as much as I love technology.

I am a black belt in TaeKwonDo so I was especially interested in this Unofficial Black Belt Magarchive app.

It includes all of the magazine archives since the 1960s so it almost goes back to before me but not quite. For just 99 cents it's definitely worth the money.

This developer also has other martial arts apps - HansTricks; iBeNinja; iTrick - All worth getting if you love the sport.

Love running with the Nike+ app

I just recently downloaded the Nike+ app after a receiving a discounted offer.

I run regularly so I was really interested to see how well this would map my runs. I have to say it has added so much to my workouts. I can see exactly how far I have ran. It tells me my average time and also maps my low speeds and fast speeds.

You don't need any extra hardware. You just need the app on your phone and as you hit the pavement , you just start up the app. It announces each mile marker and your pace for that mile as you run , which I have to say was a bit disconcerting until I got used to it. Then when you get home you can look back at that run plus all other runs that it stores in history.

Now if only I had remembered to start the app during my recent ski trip.

Jot! on the iPad

I just wanted to share a great new app that I use often on my iPad.

It is called Jot! developed by the company Tabula Rasa.

You can very easily make sketches and diagrams. You can also add text to your diagrams using the onscreen keyboard.

You can share your jots by emailing them or you can save them as photos. If you email them to another person, that person can then take the jot and add their own edits.

There is a free version so it's really easy to test it out without cost. If you like it and purchase the full version, you can then save multiple jot files.I tried the free version and loved it so much that I purchased the full version for $7.99.

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