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Donna Cleveland is the editor in chief of iPhone Life magazine. After a stint as a newspaper reporter, she became web editor at iPhone Life, where she continues to pair her penchant for storytelling with her love of Apple products. Donna holds a masters degree from the University of Iowa School of Journalism & Mass Communication.

HomeKit: Why Apple Buried its Biggest Announcement at WWDC


Imagine you’re arriving home after work, and before you can fumble around for your keys, the door simply senses your presence and unlocks, the lights turn on, music from your favorite album begins to play from your speaker system, the air inside is cooled to your ideal temperature.

What you’re envisioning is actually already possible. All of the technology exists—with products from companies such as Belkin, Insteon, Vera, and Nest—but it hasn’t been leveraged into an integrated system that’s accessible to the everyday person.

Poll: What Our Readers Wanted Most from Apple's Product Announcement


In an open discussion on our Facebook and Google+ pages, we asked our readers what they wanted most from Apple during its special event yesterday. Here's what they said:

1) iPad mini with Retina Display

The No.1 response we received was that our readers yearned for an iPad mini with a Retina display. Apple must have been listening, considering the company announced not only a mini with Retina display but also an A7 processor with 64-bit architecture. 

New iPad Air Builds on iPad Legacy


During today’s iPad announcement, presumably Apple’s last product unveiling of the year, CEO Tim Cook reminded us of the iPad's beginnings as a underdog of sorts when Apple launched it more than three years ago. He said Apple had a clear vision for the iPad from the start as the "most advanced technology in a revolutionary and magical device," but said "some didn't see the need for it."

Retina iPad Mini: Is it Worth its Extra Weight, However Slight?


If you're a fan of the iPad mini and you followed Apple's iPad announcement today, you may believe you've gotten everything you could wish for in the next-generation mini. It boasts a Retina display (a feature users have been nothing short of demanding from Apple), an improved 5-megapixel camera, plus the all-new 64-bit A7 processor just introduced with the iPhone 5s. But before you celebrate, it's worth looking at what made the iPad mini so desirable in the first place.

10 Things to Expect from Apple’s Oct. 22 Event


It was only last month Apple unveiled the new iMacs and iPhone 5s and 5c, and released its redesigned mobile operating system, iOS 7. But Apple is not through for the year yet. Last week, the company officially announced a special event to take place tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The invitation, adorned with colorful fall leaves, simply says “We still have a lot to cover.” Here's a roundup of the refreshed products Apple is most likely to deliver in time for the holidays.

And of course, check back with us tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific time or 1 p.m. Eastern time for live coverage of the event.

Apple’s iPhone Announcement Roundup: What Came True


You can finally relax! Apple has officially announced its new products during a special event at the tech company's Cupertino campus this morning. As predicted, it released a new line of iPhones: the iPhone 5S with a fingerprint sensor built into the Home Button, a faster processor, and a better camera; and the lower-cost iPhone 5C with a Retina 4-inch display and colorful plastic casings. Apple also announced its new operating system, iOS 7, which will be available for download Sept. 18, complete with its new Internet radio service, iTunes Radio.

The Big Event: Follow Live as Apple Unveils the New iPhone


The moment has arrived! Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently taking the stage at the tech giant's Cupertino, Calif. campus as Apple's special event commences where it is expected to announce a new line of iPhones: the new-and-improved "iPhone 5S" and the lower-budget "iPhone 5C."

Unlike Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June, where it announced its new operating system, iOS 7, it appears Apple isn't livestreaming this event.

Enter Our iPhone Photography Contest! Deadline: Sept. 2


Do you enjoy taking artistic shots with your iPhone? Why not get rewarded for it! Enter our iPhone Photography Contest for a chance to win awesome prizes and a spot in our magazine! 

Submit your best iPhone photograph(s) at iphonelife.com/enterphoto by Sept. 2. You must take and edit all photos with an iOS device, using only iOS apps. Don't forget to give each photo a title, and tell us which apps, if any, you used to process each image with.

Mobile Malware Invaders Go Easy on Apple [Infographic]


With more than 1 billion smartphones now in circulation worldwide, hackers have found new fertile ground for malware. According to security research firm Juniter Networks, moblile malware apps have mushroomed more than 600 percent in the past year, as opposed to 155 percent the year before.

But for iPhone users, the news isn’t all bad. In its report, Juniper Networks found that 92 percent of the malware came from Google's Android devices, not from iDevices. By contrast, in 2011, Android accounted for only 47 percent of threats and made up only 24 percent of threats in 2010. The firm said hackers could be targeting Android because it is the market with the greatest return on investment, as Android phones accounted for 67.7 percent of all smartphones shipped in 2012.

Valenta's Booklet Croco Case Wins with the Ladies


My iPhone 5 has been sporting Valenta’s Booklet Croco White ($38.99) for barely a week, and it’s already made quite the impression.

I'll give the guys a disclaimer here— this particular case from Valenta is pretty feminine. It is satiny white and kind of blingy (which is probably why I love it!), and I've gotten more compliments on it than on any other accessory in recent memory.

Its booklet design and croco print covering its genuine leather surface give it the appearance of a fashionable women's wallet. Like many clutches, it's made of 100 percent genuine leather and has an inner pocket for storing cash, ID, or credit cards. A small magnetic clasp secures the cover to the back. 

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