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Daniel W. Rasmus, the author of Listening to the Future and Management by Design, is a strategist, industry analyst, and business correspondent for iPhone Life magazine. Prior to starting his own consulting practice, Rasmus was the Director of Business Insights at Microsoft Corporation, where he helped the company envision how people will work in the future.

Before joining Microsoft, Rasmus was Research Vice President at the Giga Information Group and Forrester Research Inc. Rasmus also is an internationally recognized speaker. He blogs regularly for Fast Company and on his own blog, Your Future in Context. His education-related work can be found at Learning Reimagined.

Teaching Science with iOS — From Macro to Micro — Exploring Space


When studying the solar system, it's hard to beat Solar Walk ($2.99) from Vito Technology. You begin with an image of the earth with many light blue lines circling it. Tap one and the app provides a close-up view of a satellite. All the satellites are rendered in 3D, and a clickable info button reveals information and images associated with the satellite. Solar Walk provides enough satellite detail to have good conversations about orbits, satellite construction, and observation. Combine this app with Google Earth and you can have a good dialog about public and private surveillance. There also is information on the International Space Station.

Teaching Science with iOS — From Macro to Micro — Part I


When we peer out at the night sky on a clear, moonless night, we see thousands of individual stars — millions if you count galaxies mixed into the field of view. Look at your finger and you'll see the intricate swirls and folds that make up your fingerprint. In both cases, we only see the surface of vast processes that bend light and time, or those that create and sustain life. Our human senses aren’t sufficient to perceive the magnitude of the activity, nor the structure, that defines the universe.

Teaching Art by Turning the iPad into a Virtual Studio


From the ease of collecting often-broken colored pencils, to cleaning up after a room of young artists who seemingly bathed in tempera, art, unlike literature or history, creates rather messy educational challenges.  It is, however, extremely important for learners to engage in visceral exercises that bring the texture of media to hands, and its odor to nostrils.

Managing my Life – an OmniFocus Update – Lessons Learned Month One


So I have been trying to plan my work life better. That has turned into planning my life better because as I capture what I must do, I realize that if I only record a fragment of my life’s tasks digitally, the other activities impinge and interfere. You need one central place to negotiate priorities.

So as I set out to once again move things forward that didn’t get done today (though this was on the list and it has, or will have, a big fat check mark next to it shortly) here are some of my lessons so far.

Review: Ten-97 iPad Cases Deliver Handcrafted Luxury


Ten-97 has upped the game for iPad cases as far as I’m concerned.  There 9701 series of leather and ballistic nylon cases provide a sense of luxury while offering very good protection for the iPad.

Rock All Your Content Wirelessly with the Seagate GoFlex Satellite Wi-Fi Drive


iOS-based platforms have one major flaw: slim storage. Even with 64GB of memory, you can’t fit your entire movie collection on an iPad or iPhone, even including all the music you want is a challenge. Streaming attempts to overcome this limitation, but in some cases that means rebuying films or video you already own on other media just so you can watch it when you are near a hotspot—who yes, you have to be at a hotspot for streaming to work. What would it be like if you own the hotspot? That is exactly what Seagate offers, a 500GB GoFlex Satellite Wi-Fi Drive that becomes its own content hotspot.

New Year's Resolution 1: Keeping Focused with OmniFocus


As I reached for my keyboard to write this post, my iPad chimed. This article on OmniFocus was due, at least to me, again, for the third day in a row. Rather than just postpone it again, I decided to write it.

Keeping track of the myriad activities of my life sometimes seems to take more time than doing the things I want to do. If I take the time to write them down, I fear, I will waste time better spent doing something real.

iPhone 5 cases, Round 2 goes to Ten 97, but musubo Retro is pretty cool looking.


I’ve received another batch of cases, and I continue to find the innovation and variety amazing.

I was in a MacStore the other day and saw a Ten 97 iPad case. The workmanship and quality of materials were superior to most leather cases I’ve seen. And I do mean leather, not micro-fiber leather, not pleather, I mean calf-skin. Sure, you pay a bit more, but the luxurious feel is worth it. I received two different types of iPhone cases, both available only for pre-order at the moment of the Ten-97 website.

Kindle Fire HD 7 Review


Hey, I know this blog is all about Apple iOS products, but part of understanding a product requires putting it in the context of its competitors. I recently received a Kindle Fire HD 7 for evaluation, and I have to say, I’ve been using it quite a bit lately, here’s why.

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