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Daniel W. Rasmus, the author of Listening to the Future and Management by Design, is a strategist, industry analyst, and business correspondent for iPhone Life magazine. Prior to starting his own consulting practice, Rasmus was the Director of Business Insights at Microsoft Corporation, where he helped the company envision how people will work in the future.

Before joining Microsoft, Rasmus was Research Vice President at the Giga Information Group and Forrester Research Inc. Rasmus also is an internationally recognized speaker. He blogs regularly for Fast Company and on his own blog, Your Future in Context. His education-related work can be found at Learning Reimagined.

HEX Varsity Sonic Backpack Review


Note: This is a supplement to the iPhone Life print edition article: “It’s In the Bag! Best Backpacks and Bags for the iStudent.”  September-October 2012. 



The Problem with the Scientific American Newsstand Policy


No one pays full price for trade publication subscriptions anymore. And if they do, they haven't shopped around. Most of my magazine subscriptions are now on the iPad. When publishers create an iPad app, they proudly announced it and tell current subscribers how to access the bits.

Back-to-School Special: Inkling Phones Home


Innovative next-generation textbook publisher Inkling has ported its environment and content to the iPhone. Already available on the iPad, the Mac and the PC via the web, this new version makes study dates even more portable, and more personal.  With the iPhone version of Inkling there will be no excuses for not studying unless you forget to charge your phone. As a college instructor, I can tell you, we aren’t buying that excuse.

As the illustration demonstrates, Inkling has a native look-and-feel for the iPhone. No trying to cram a 10-inch experience into the phone form factor.

eBook Update: Getting an inkling for Inkling


I have been playing with electronic books in anticipation of my upcoming series of columns on education and iOS for iPhone Life. Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis.

mEdge Recon Review: Military Grade Cool


When I first opened the samples from the mEdge team, I was a little thrown by a green iPad case, its heavy, olive-colored nylon case covered in loops, and what to most people who have seen it, matching olive-colored carpet.  The case waited in line and kept kind of slipping down the testing queue.

But now, surprisingly, the mEdge Recon has become a very common home for my iPad, which is pretty good if you consider the competition it has for iPad coverage attention.

Game Center Has Been Hacked and My Birds are Angry…


...and Frankly, so am I. I’m not just an average Angry Birds Player, I’m pretty good. As of this post, my score on Angry Birds HR Free (iPad) is:   #239 out of 2,271,376 players. My score Angry Birds Seasons (iPad) is: #164 out of #3,255,881 players and my Score on Angry Birds Seasons, paid version is: #2,230 out of 2,2731,378 players.

Uber Talks Taxi and Limo Very Well


Over a year ago I was off the main taxi routes in the outskirts of downtown San Francisco. I asked my client to call a taxi so I could return to my hotel. As has become so common these days, he suggested offer me this courtesy, but that I download an app. That app was Uber.

So I downloaded the app, created an account and added in my credit card information.

First Look: Nearpod Transforms Lectures into Guided Journeys


I met with Guido Kovalskys, CEO of Panarea Digital, last week for a demo of their new education app Nearpod. Panarea designed Nearpod not as an education revolution, but as an education evolution.

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