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San Diego man uses travel app to propose while flying over Statue of Liberty


Two weeks ago, Jeff Niles asked me whether my app development company would be interested in helping him propose to his now-fiancée (congratulations, Jeff and Diana!) as the two of them flew over the Statue of Liberty in a helicopter. No, we didn’t assist with the actual flying part—that feature is sadly absent from iOS 6. What we did contribute: A Push notification in our New York Travel Guide app, triggered by proximity to Liberty Island (and a few other tricks my developers had up their sleeves).

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Having been an avid traveler since the days of dial up internet and the original "Rick Steve's - Europe Through the Back Door", I can't help but thank the late Steve Jobs for blessing my life with the iPhone and the incredible mobile app. In my college years I recall trudging through the streets of Seville in search of a pay phone, ten pound travel guide with fold out maps in hand. As my fair skin rapidly morphed from white to red and sweat beaded down my face, I called out to the God's praying for an easier way to travel. Five years later, Apple introduced the iPhone and my prayers were answered.

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