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Becca is a blogger, freelance writer, and iDevice addict. She lives in the middle of the Arizona desert with her husband and two boys, and can't imagine life getting any better. Read about her crazy life at MyCrazyGoodLife.com, or connect with her on twitter @BeccaLudlum

App-Enhancing Case Could Take iOS Gaming And Assistive Tech To The Next Level


Today I'm sharing the product that wowed me at CES. The product that left me thinking about the brilliant people behind the concept, the people who said, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if..."

The product is called Sensus. Nate wrote about it last week but I thought I'd add my thoughts to the mix, since I'm coming from a teen user and special education background.

4 Best Portable Chargers from CES 2014


There was no shortage of portable iPhone chargers at CES. It seems everyone has something to offer these days, but there were definitely some trends to be noticed. Shake to start options, built-in Lightning cables, color options, and rugged battery packs round out this list of CES 2014 portable charger trends.

50 Cent Offers New Line Geared Toward Star Wars Fans


50 Cent was at CES this week signing autographs for fans while Stormtroopers stood by on guard. He was there to announce his new line of SMS Audio headphones that are inspired by his love for Star Wars

You Let Your kids Play With THAT? Clean Your Filthy iPhone With These Products From CES


Not only are iPhones amazing devices for adults, they are equally as fun for kids. I have no doubt that most of you reading this have seen a two-year-old child swipe to unlock their parent's phone or iPad with ease and then bang at the screen with their fingers or even shove the corner of the phone in their mouths. 

We're talking about the same phone that you might take into the bathroom, drop in the parking lot, or even have sitting on the counter next to the steaks you are preparing for dinner tonight. It doesn't really matter how you do it, but you need to clean your phone. I found three great products at CES that clean your phone in different ways—I'll let you choose the one that's best for you. 

iPhone Cases For Every Age And Style At CES


While walking the show floor at CES today, I found so many fun new iPhone cases. There are cases for every budget and every style here and I loved learning about new brands (and planning out my next few case purchases). From tweens that love every new colorful accessory to adults who want their iPhone case to match their next handbag, there is quite literally something for everyone. 

Top 3 Pepcom Products for Teens from CES 2014


The Pepcom Digital Experience is one of the most anticipated events at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. More than 200 brands come together the night before CES officially opens to show tech journalists their best products of the year, and I'm bringing my three favorite products for teens to you.

Gift Guide For Teens with iPhones


Teens are difficult to buy for, but a teen with an iDevice gives us lots of options! Cases, external battery packs, and other fun device accessories are giving parents and relatives plenty of options this holiday season in all price ranges. 

Eton's rukus XL Solar Stereo and BoostSolar Charger


Eton has a great lineup of solar products available to charge and work with your iDevices. Two that I have had the pleasure of using are the rukus XL and BoostSolar charger. 

Incipio iPhone 5 Cases For the Holiday Season


I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the current line-up of Incipio iPhone 5 cases. Even as an admitted iPhone case junkie, I had a tough time picking a favorite! 

Ventev Portable Device Accessories: Travel Without Fear Of Missing Out


The market for portable device chargers is slowly becoming saturated and it's difficult for companies to break through and let consumers know of a truly great product when they have one. I'm here to tell you that Ventev is that company–the one you want to keep your eye on.

The Ventev line of products includes device chargers, cases and cables among other accessories. I recently had the opportunity to review a few of them and was impressed with their quality and performance. 

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