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Becca is a blogger, freelance writer, and iDevice addict. She lives in the middle of the Arizona desert with her husband and two boys, and can't imagine life getting any better. Read about her crazy life at MyCrazyGoodLife.com, or connect with her on twitter @BeccaLudlum

3 Reasons Why You Need the IFTTT App


There's a chance you've heard of the iPhone app IFTTT (free). It's pronounced like "gift" but without the g and stands for "If This Then That." This app does so much that at first glance, you probably found it overwhelming and wrote it off. I'm going to ask you to give it another chance. 

If you subscribe to any of these services (these are just a small sample of the 65 apps it currently supports), then IFTTT can help streamline your time online by automating tasks. 

5 Fun Photography Apps For Moms


Of course, these photo apps aren't just for moms, but I find myself using these most to share photos of my kids with my friends, family, and social networks! Here is a list of the five photography apps I use daily:

SnapKidz: Snapchat's New Kid-Friendly Feature Offers Little Comfort for Parents


Ever since the social app Snapchat debuted on the App Store two years ago, parents everywhere have been hyper aware of the downsides of their teens downloading and using the popular app.

Parents are concerned about enabling their children to receive (or send) sexually inappropriate photos or videos, photos that bully, or images taken in bad taste. If parents think they can routinely check their teen's phone to look for signs of these behaviors, Snapchat puts an end to that. When you take a photo in the app, it's not saved to the camera roll, and when you view a photo in Snapchat, it's available to the viewer for less than 10 seconds, and then it's gone forever. 

How To Use Instagram's New Video Feature


Yesterday, CEO of Instagram Keven Systrom and Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Instagram 4.0—the latest update to Instagram that includes a video feature! 

Instagram video allows users to post 15-second videos to their feeds. I've played with this new feature and have some pros and cons to report back to you as well as some tips and tricks. 

Pros of Instagram Video

Sharing Apple ID and iCloud Accounts With Your Family: A Parent’s Guide


In this age of multi-device households, sharing accounts with family members can be a little stressful. Add a tween or teenage into the mix, and it might be enough to push you over the edge. If you’ve ever had your phone ring with a FaceTime call from your 12 year-old’s best friend or received the “iCloud is full” error message after adding a new device to your household, this article is for you.

First, it’s important to know a little bit about your Apple ID and iCloud. Your Apple ID is what gives you access to iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage, iTunes, the App Store, and Game Center, among other services. Since these are the most-used services in my house, they are the ones I’m going to talk about here. Some families choose to share an Apple ID for some services and use separate Apple IDs for others. There is no “one size fits all” cure for family device management—it all depends on your family's preferences.

6 Disney Storybook Apps To Entertain Your Kids


Disney has recently released a set of interactive storybook apps for children based on several of its best-selling movies: Tangled, Cinderella, Wreck-It-Ralph, Monsters Inc, Monsters University, and Brave. Packed with puzzles, games, read alouds, and coloring sheets, these apps are sure to delight your little ones. 

1. Tangled: Storybook Deluxe ($6.99)

Read along to the story of Rapunzel and Flynn, or tap the icons for activities such as coloring pages, games, and puzzles. When in storybook mode, character voices can read to your child, or she can explore the text on her own or record her voice reading. 

4 Tips for Taking Better iPhone Pictures Of Your Kids


Let's admit it — kids are tough to photograph with your iPhone. That is, unless they're sitting still and posing for you during the "magic hour" of light professional photographers often talk about. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your iPhone pictures. 

1. Take Video, Convert to Screenshots

4 Must-Have Custom iPhone Cases To Add To Your Collection


I'll be the first to admit I have a few too many iPhone cases. I love change them out often, and you'll never see with me with a plain black case on my iPhone. I'm excited to share with you some of the cases I love most right now!

1. Permafrost UN Deflector by Uncommon ($39.95)

Keep Busy with 5 Fun Easter Apps


The Easter Bunny is on his way! Here are a few apps to help you color eggs, enhance spring photos, and keep the kids entertained until Easter morning. 

1. Egg Dyeing 101 ($0.99) by Martha Stewart Living

6 Fun Saint Patrick's Day Apps For iPhone


Saint Patrick's Day is around the corner, and even if you're not Irish, there is fun to be had! Here is a quick round up of 6 fun apps for your iPhone to help you to celebrate in style.

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