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Best iPhone Apps for Public Speaking


The iPhone can help you during, before and after you present, but only if you have the right apps. This Public Speaking Apps article from the communications site thespeakerpoint.com, reviews a few of the most prominent public speaking apps. Here are the hightlights:

Verizon iPhone Sales "a little" Underwhelming


Boy Genius Report says it was able to snag some sales data from someone at Apple. They said the Verizon iPhone is "performing a little under" the expectations of both Apple and Verizon. Lines were short at many Apple and Verizon stores the day of the Verizon iPhone launch, although some news outlets said the cold weather may have played a role in preventing people from camping out for hours. 

Vatican Says NO to Confession App


The Vatican has just announced that it is not possible to "confess by iPhone," referring to the new app Confession: A Roman Catholic App, which lets users confess their sins through the phone. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told journalists that "the rites of penance require a personal dialogue between penitents and their confessor... It cannot be replaced by a computer application." 

Will the iPhone 5 be a World Phone?


The folks over at iFixit have been tearing apart the insides of the new Verizon iPhone, and they found that it has a Qualcomm dual-mode GSM/CDMA chip, meaning the iPhone could work anywhere in the world with many different types of carriers. iFixit says that "Apple could have supported GSM" networks such as T-mobile and AT&T with this phone. They didn't, but could they be holding out for the iPhone 5?

No More Home Buttons on the New iPad/iPhone?


According to this exclusive from Boy Genius Report, the next generation iPad may not have a home button. The Boy Genius Report says: "We have exclusively been told that the reason Apple just added multitouch gestures for the iPad in the latest iOS 4.3 beta is because the iPad will be losing the home button." The next generation iPhone may also lose the home button. 

"FREEDOM!" Jon Stewart Celebrates Verizon iPhone, makes fun of AT&T



Jon Stewart, an avid iPhone user, on Tuesday did an entire bit about Verizon's new iPhone. He said that "Those of us in the iPhone community have sacrificed one thing for the ability to carry around every photograph we've ever taken, or song we've ever listened to, or home video... or compass. We have sacrificed the ability to make phone calls.”

He then illustrated how he's had to send text messages: By typing the message on his phone and having an assistant physically take his phone to each recipient. "Each text message costs me 400 dollars."

You can watch the entire bit here:

Goodies from the Mac Section of Brothersoft


Brothersoft, one of the leading software download websites in the world, has a Mac section (still in Beta) that offers more than a few goodies for new and old iOS users. As a new iOS user myself, I found their "Software for New Macfans" a nice place to start. Here are a few of the more interesting and impressive free apps and software I found:


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