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Alex is the host of The A-List with Alex Cequea, a YouTube interview series highlighting innovators who are making the world a better place. He's the former owner and Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine and Android Life magazine. He writes and speaks about mobile technology, personal branding, and social good at alexcequea.com and iPhonelife.com. His work and projects have been featured on TIME.com, Discovery Tech, NBC, ABC, Univision, and CBS.

Call for Articles (iPhone Life magazine)



The iPhone Life team invites you to contribute to our yearly How-To Guide, hitting the newsstands in early June. The majority of the articles will have some “how-to” angle, but we will also have our regular sections like People, At Work, Great Gear, Creating Great Apps, etc. Writing for iPhone Life is a fun way to increase your exposure, and if we publish your article, we will include your contact information with a picture and small bio. We'll also pay $25 for each published article. 

3 Great Places to Watch Apple's Live iPad Event [Live Now]


Apple is currently holding a keynote about their new line of products, with the new version of the iPad expected to be unveiled. 

Unfortunately, there's no live video streaming, but here are some great live streaming blogs to follow the keynote:



Meet Antony and Cameron: Teen App Developers [Interview]


Cameron Oelsen and Antony Basta are self-declared Apple fanboys. They started making their first iPhone app when they were 14 and 15 years old. With the help of their parents, they registered a company, Rumbleapps.net, and set out to launch QuikSocial, an iPhone app that makes it easy to access all your social networks at once. That was 2 years ago. 

Nightline Airs "Inside the iFactory" [Share your comments]


Apple opened it's Foxconn factory doors to ABC's Nightline, and the episode aired last night. Anchor Bill Weir walked through the massive Chinese facilities and was allowed to talk to anyone and everyone. Workers make an average of $1.78 an hour, working 12-hour shifts and 6-day work weeks. Foxconn came under scrutiny last year when several employees committed suicide within the span of a few months. It has since come to light that the suicide rate at Foxconn is actually much lower than the Chinese average. 

What are your thoughts? Does seeing this make you feel guilty about buying Apple products? What would you like Apple to do (if anything)?

Share your comments below. 


The Mobo iPhone Stand


I got a chance to check out the Mobo Stand by Fancygearbox.com ($24.99). The stand comes in two colors, black and white, and it arrives neatly packaged into a keychain-sized housing that is easy to carry around. When you take it out, it transforms into a mini-tripod for your iPhone. It is perfect for using alongside a Bluetooth keyboard, watching video, or making Skype or FaceTime video calls.

What I liked:

Interview with Jonathan Marks, iPhone Photography Expert


I got a chance to chat via Skype with Jonathan Marks, a professional photographer who will be presenting at Macworld on January 26th at 11 a.m., and later that day at the flagship Apple store in San Francisco at 7 p.m. Jonathan has been traveling around the country talking about iPhone photography. His talk is titled “Zen & the Fine Art of iPhone Photography.”

Here he gives us insight into his process, vision, and the future of iPhone photography. You can check out his work at www.jonathanmarksfineart.com.



Social Media Webinar [Recording Now Available]


This past Tuesday we hosted a fantastic webinar with Social Media Expert Phyllis Khare. She gave us a sneak preview into her full Social Media Ninja workshop program. The webinar was a huge success, and for those of you who missed it, below you can play a recording of it (it's just over one hour long). A lot of people asked for the Powerpoint Slides and for the information about her full program, which includes a one-on-one consultation with Phyllis, 60 days of unlimited email support, and full access to her learning center, where she has video tutorials that show you how to rock YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. All of it is below, enjoy!

"Convert Views into Revenue" Webinar (recording):

The iPhone Evolution [INFOGRAPHIC]


The folks over at toptienmobiel.nl have created this beautiful little infographic covering the entire history of the iPhone from 2007. Enjoy!

The Best Battery Cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S (Comparison)


There seems to be a growing number of users who are experiencing shortened battery life on their iPhones after upgrading to iOS 5. The cause is still unknown, but many people are chiming in with their ideas on how to fix it. One way to get around it for now, is to shell out another $50-$80 for a good battery extender case. These cases will keep you charged up for now, and when Apple fixes the battery issue, you'll just end up multiplying your battery life. 

Here are a few cases that can extend the battery life of your iPhone:


PowerSkin: $69.99

Power Capacity: 2000mAh

New iPhone Life Weekly Show! (Watch it now)


Every week, iPhone Life magazine brings you a recap of the latest news, rumors and stories in the world of Apple and mobile technology. Check out this week's show below, and check out iphonelife.com/liveshow often, as previous and new episodes will be uploaded there weekly.

This week we covered the Steve Jobs autobiography, "more navy" smartcovers, and much more.


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