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While most kids were playing with Transformers and Stretch Armstrong, Harvey was coding on his first computer. And he's never looked back. Harvey helped develop some of the Internet's very first websites. He was an information technology director in the corporate world before bringing his technical expertise to GLAD WORKS in 1999. With a background in systems architecture, database development, programming, e-commerce, search engine optimization, social media, mobile development and all things technical, Harvey keeps GLAD WORKS at the forefront of the e-Industrial Revolution

Out With The Old, In With the New: Selling Your Old iPhone



It hardly seems fair to call my iPhone 4S (released October 14, 2011) “old,” but pretty soon it’s going to be!  I feel like I just got it, but that’s the way of the world isn’t it?  You about take something out of the box and it’s already the “old” version.

So, how can a person with any sort of reasonable electronics budget possibly keep up with it all?

By selling your “old” stuff so you can get the new hotness, of course!

Beyond Instagram: Photo Editing Apps



Don’t get me wrong, iPhone Life-ers. I love me some Instagram (my handle is adamcharvey. Follow me!), but sometimes I want to edit and create instead of color correct and experiment with filters. I feel like I can take my superawesome photo skills to the next level and start getting truly creative with my stuff. So, the other day I set out to find some cool photo editing apps.

Siri and Me: Caught in a Bad Romance



I dare you not to have that Lady Gaga song stuck in your head now!

(Sorry, I had to share it. It’s all I’ve been humming as I write this post for you guys.)

It was love at first sight when I met Siri. Here was someone (something?) who took care of me. She was smart and understood my needs. I saw those ads on TV—the ones where people are having a conversation with Siri, and she’s taking dictation, finding directions, making calls.

“YES!” I thought. I do all those things. I had to have Siri too!  So I got myself a nice new iPhone.

Stay Connected--Even on Vacation


You guys know me pretty well by now, so you know that I’m a business owner. With that comes the complete inability to ever take a total vacation from work. So, when I do go on vacation, I have to take my office with me. Today I’m going to share with you a few tips on how to set up your mobile office so you can keep things moving and grooving while you’re catching some rays on vacation.

This is multitasking to the max: working whilst relaxing.

Apple vs. Google: Who Will Become King of the Hill?



Last week Apple announced that it would be terminating its agreement to use Google Maps as the default location service for iOS. Instead, Apple is developing its own in-house application that will become standard starting this fall.

Why the change?  The mobile location service arena is the new battleground front...and it's about to get messy.

Why Go To The Store Anymore? [Best iPhone Shopping Store Apps]



Have you guys gotten into using store apps at all yet? How great are they? I think it’s really reinventing the shopping experience, and eventually, we’ll be able to order everything from our phones.

Think of how much time we’ll save!

Pet App Reviews: Apps Have Gone to the Dogs!



I think I’ve probably mentioned to you iPhone Life-ers that I have two little dogs. Well, they’re not really my dogs, per se. They’re my wife’s dogs, so by virtue of their proximity (and their sleeping on my bed), they’re also mine.

That's a picture of little Dolce looking swanky in her jacket right there.  Poor Bella is terribly camera shy, so just imagine Dolce with more hair and that's what she looks like.

They amuse me, so I like to help out with taking care of them. Also, there’s tons of cool apps I get to experiment with!

Pet owners are crazy about apps!

Aquabox and Lifeproof Case Reviews for Your iPhone—Just in Time for Running Through Sprinklers


Remember a few weeks ago I did a post about great apps for vacation?

Well, I went.

I went on a vacation, and you know what I brought with me? My iPhone. I never, ever put it down. My hand is now permanently stuck in phone holding position. It’s completely true. My wife replaced my phone with a box of Altoids once when I was sleeping. I woke up and, still groggy, I tried to check my email before I realized what was going on.

It was…embarrassing.

But, ultimately, hilarious.

True Confessions of a Draw Something Addict


I’m really proud of myself, iPhone Life-ers.

I’m just getting over an addiction to…

Draw Something.

What is it about that game that’s so incredibly fun?

Apps For Collaboration and Organization



It’s time for some Spring organizing, iPhone Life-ers!

I don’t know about you, but my life gets cluttered up pretty quickly. We all wear many different hats during the day and it’s easy to drown in it all—forgetting to do things or missing a team meeting. So, today we’re going to talk about some apps that help facilitate organization and collaboration.

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