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While most kids were playing with Transformers and Stretch Armstrong, Harvey was coding on his first computer. And he's never looked back. Harvey helped develop some of the Internet's very first websites. He was an information technology director in the corporate world before bringing his technical expertise to GLAD WORKS in 1999. With a background in systems architecture, database development, programming, e-commerce, search engine optimization, social media, mobile development and all things technical, Harvey keeps GLAD WORKS at the forefront of the e-Industrial Revolution

3 Places to Find the Best Free Apps


Since I had so much fun writing my last post about AppsGoneFree, I thought I’d follow up with a quick look at a few other places to find great free apps. After all, there are about 750,000 live apps on iTunes and it gets harder and harder every day to find what you need. I know it frustrates me, and it probably frustrates you too.

The good news is certain websites and apps are specifically designed to narrow your choices and help you find quality apps that are free or on sale for a limited time.

Here are some of the best I found:

4 Awesome Offerings from Apps Gone Free


Sometimes you don’t know you need something until someone shows it to you, and you realize, “That’s so cool! I need that!”

That’s why I’m totally digging Apps Gone Free (FREE) right now. Unlike AppGratis, which offers one free app per day, Apps Gone Free offers several paid apps free for a limited time. Some days there are more; some days less, but every day there’s fun! It’s awesome because you get a random bunch of apps to browse through and decide if it interests you or not. I love it so much I’ve actually found myself checking it first thing in the morning even before I’ve had my coffee or checked my email!

Valentine’s Day Apps: Six Ways to Impress Your Date


It’s that time of year, iPhone Lifers. As Valentine’s Day approaches, every man’s heart is aflutter.

With fear.


Anyone with any experience with the ladies knows that whatever you do, don’t screw up Valentine’s Day.

I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to share with you guys today, but the ladies will enjoy this post as well, because they have fun spoiling their loved ones too. 

All aboard the love train!


Cold Weather Apps: For Freezing Your Tookus Off



We’re in the dead of it now, iPhone Life-ers!  It’s winter and it’s colder than a polar bear’s nose out there!

I was walking to my car the other day, and my eyes literally iced over! I thought I might be blinded for life!  I’m wearing ski goggles all the time from now on.

Winter Wake Up

The Greatest Show on Earth: CES 2013!



Sadly, iPhone Life-ers, I did not get to go. This is totally my thing, too.  I love me some techie geek gadgets! But, I’m reduced to living vicariously through the Internet and I have to say that there are some really fun things coming our way! 

Here are a few of my favorites. 


Shedding Light on a Low-Light Situation



One of the biggest and most anticipated improvements in the iPhone 5 revolves around the camera. Smartphones in general have become the de facto "point and shoot" that people carry around, and why not?  They're always in our hands/pockets/purses anyway, so why bother with anything else?

In the past, the answer to that question basically boiled down to "because they take better pictures."  So when Apple says they're upgrading the iPhone camera, people listen!  I know I was super stoked about it, iPhone Life-ers!  And I still am, except for one thing:  low light photography.

Stocking Stuffers and Holiday Gifts for the iPhone Addict



Here we are again, iPhone Life-ers.

It’s the holidays.

And what would a December article be without some nifty little gift suggestions?

It wouldn’t be very festive, would it?  In fact, it would be downright depressing, so in order to avoid that mess, let’s do this thing!

Adam Harvey’s holiday gift/stocking stuffer guide begins now!

Apps for Business Networking: Become a Networking Superhero!



I find myself at quite a few networking events, iPhone Life-ers. By now, I have a pretty decent memory for names and faces, but sometimes, if I’ve met a bunch of people at the same event, I just can’t remember all the details. So, I’ve been looking for a few apps to help me out because it really stinks to fumble desperately to recall who the heck someone is, knowing full well that I’ve met them before. Isn’t that embarrassing?

Luckily, I found some promising looking apps to help me stay organized and keep track of all the people I meet.

Apps for the Zombie Apocalypse: It’s Gonna Happen. Be Prepared!



My wife thinks I just watch too much of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but I tell her we can’t be too careful.

What if this can really happen?

Who are we to say that it’s impossible, right?

So, since “always be prepared” is one of my mottos, I think it’s a good idea to get my iPhone ready for that horrible day when the zombies come to get us. Aside from my massive stores of white chocolate truffles, coffee and vodka (who needs water?), I also have a top-secret underground zombie proof bunker. Plus, I’ve got some apps loaded up on my phone.

After a Rough Delivery, iPhone 5 is My Favorite New Baby



I finally got my iPhone 5 a short time ago.

It comes as a great shock to everyone I know (including myself) that I did not have one the instant they became available. Alas, the stars did not align themselves as they should have and I became one of the unfortunate ones, left without a new iPhone.

I felt lonely, confused, naked.

I was afraid to leave the house for fear that everyone I met on the street could see through my pants pocket and know that the phone I carried was but a mere 4S.

Me, Adam Harvey. iPhone Lover. Devotee.

The humiliation, iPhone Life-ers!

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