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Toymail Kickstarter needs your help to bring messaging and fun to little ones!

Toymail is a cute, child-safe toy that can send and receive wireless audio messages. There is a ton of coolness about this idea. Imagine tucking the kids into bed from anywhere in the world, or enjoying an impromptu playtime while taking a break at work. 

Toymail is the brainchild of Gauri Nanda, an MIT entrepreneur who designed and marketed a runaway toy clock called Clocky. She has partnered up with her best friend Audry Hill (a mom of three), to come up with a fun and safe messaging system for little ones. The Toymail toys (which come in five characters) aren't just simple sound recording boxes. There's an integrated iOS app that let's you record, send, and receive messages to and from your little ones. You can even apply funny voice filters.

But the effort needs your help to get funded on Kickstarter. Even chipping in a dollar could bring Toymail to market, so go check out how you can help here. Only six days left to meet their campaign goal, so hurry!

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