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Pearltrees releases iPhone app version!

Today, the new Pearltrees iPhone app was released giving you a new and compelling way to share your life through iPhone. You may wonder why that matters--at least 2 of us here at IPLife have reviewed the previous app (see mine here and Patricia's here), and agree that Pearltrees is an app you should download. I sat down on a skype call with self-described "Chief Evangelist" Oliver Starr to get the skinny on the new version, which if Oliver is to be believed could very well change the course of the universe (okay, he didn't say that), but it certainly sounded like the new and improved Pearltrees could certainly change the way you organize and share photos, notes and your fav internet content. Read on to find out why...

If you read any of the previously mentioned reviews, you probably get the notion that Pearltrees is a way to connect your interests with others. It is, but also more--Pearltrees strength is tied to a cloud-based taxonomy, indexed and sharable across the entire universe of Pearldom, as it were, through clever use of mindmaps. The Pearlspace is like navigating through an interesting matrix of connections displaying internet content shared about a given topic.

The key to that content, and something I previously didn't grasp fully, is that Pearltrees is less about finding stuff in the Pearlspace (though certainly a big part), and more about creating your own custom curations and sharing them. The engine then analyzes your Pearltrees, and helps to intelligently link your content with other similar Pearltree structures. The new iPhone app will let you quickly share and link everything from your notes to your vacation pix in a few simple taps...

Oliver also described how the company is intending to roll out freemium service offerings--i.e. a way to pay for private services (in case you only wish to share content with a select group of users), versus the existing free version open for public users. The free version will remain ad-free for at least the foreseeable future. Individuals that wish to collaborate on privately hosted PearlTrees will pay for a plan to do so. To learn more about Pearltrees, and start curating your own interests, go to www.pearltrees.com. Grab the new iPhone app at the link in the opener above...
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