MerckTech Releases New iQuickText App!

 You know how frustrating it can be to try to send that LOL or OMG reply one-handed. Why not add a whole library of quick text replies to your iPhone with iQuickText? Now you can stay engaged in the conversation, and finish that Big Mac without hesitation! Not that I am, ahem,  advocating eating and texting at the same time. I wish not to be held responsible for the dry-cleaning bill for removing mustard stains from your favorite jacket! Read on for the full feature list, or click the link to check it out it in the App Store..



  • iQuickText™ allows a user to send preloaded text messages with just a few taps, no typing!
  • iQuickText™ allows users to store and send pre-configured frequently used text messages to your favorite contacts.
  • iQuickText™ allows users to store as many of your frequently used text messages as you like.
  • iQuickText™ allows users to add favorite contacts that you frequently send text messages to.


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