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Lunecase Makes it from CES to Kickstarter!

Last week I posted up a review on the Blumoo bluetooth entertainment system controller, a CES gadget for which I was eagerly awaiting release. This week, yet another cool accessory product seen at CES is now on Kickstarter (with an improved design, IMO.)

The Lunecase uses EM radiation to provide power to an embedded logic chip and diodes (embedded in the case back) to quietly notify you with a blinking icon when an SMS or call is being received. It also offers a layer of protection, as it is after all still a case, albeit a darn awesome one! For a pledge of just $39 or more, you can get one of these unique cases for your iPhone 5, so head over to Kickstarter to give your support while there is still time (cases will ship August 2014)!

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