Clarity One at CES - Clear sounding earbuds!

Went to the Clarity One booth to check out the audio gear, which turned out to be one model of earbud (EB-110). They had some mock-up headphones to be released later this year, but that was it. Ok, no problem I say. Slogged all the way over here for an earbud, but let me have your best shot! Puresound has created a pretty remarkable audio processing mojo with a clearness that might convince you to buy a $129 set of earbuds at that.

Not much else to say other than I thought the bass response seemed a little thin. The highs were high and the mid-range also was very bright, but without any distortion at all (which is the one thing these earbuds won't produce), bass was less obnoxious. I definitely need to try these out with all my gear later back home. They also have a small bud-like mic with an answer/end button. You can get the full skinny on Puresound, and Clarity One at their website here...

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