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Chunky Pig Contest - Get Your Game Published and Win an iPad mini!

I almost always prefer a good indie game over franchise games from a big publisher. I like to see the little guy win (in and outside of games), so any news forwarding that agenda is worthy in my book.

Chunky Pig, a marketing company for mobile game development (started by games industry veteran Nick Malaperiman), kicked off a contest at GDC to give game developers a chance to get their iOS game ideas noticed by premier publishers in the business (and even win an iPad mini). Enter the contest at Chunky Pig, or read below for the full press info on the event.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

For Immediate release:

Win iPads, and the chance to have YOUR game published!

In a unique global contest, Chunky Pig is now offering the chance
for developers to get their new games in front of some of the
world's foremost mobile games publishers.

In a contest launched during GDC, Chunky Pig is giving away
3 iPad Minis to the 3 developers that submit the best idea for a
new iOS game; and the winning 3 will have their idea/concept or
prototype presented to the world's major games publishers. And
it's open to developers across the globe, BIG or small.

Entry is simple, and of course, under strict Mutual NDA!

All you need to do to initially enter is to click here and enter the
Name of your company, Name of your game, One line to describe
your game, Website address and we'll follow up immediately with
an NDA, further details, and enter you into the contest. As ever,
with the Pig, it's that easy!

Good luck!

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