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Blue Mikey Correction and recording with Yeti on an iPad!

A bit of news for the would be iPad recording artist and an article correction/update to our recent issue. The amazing Yeti USB mic from Blue Microphones can be used with the iPad (using a connection kit). The Yeti is an excellent recording mic, but combined with the iPad and Blue FiRe app, you can have the makings of a lightweight recording rig. I also need to print a correction to my recent article on recording with Blue FiRe. I said that BF only recorded in mono, but in fact supports both mono and stereo. Read on for more press info about the Yeti + iPad hookup..

Connecting iPad and Yeti...

Connected through the camera connection kit, Yeti (THX-certified, USB mic) will override the built-in mic to record to the iPad with Blue’s premium condenser capsules in a proprietary triple array. The Yeti’s four recording patterns (stereo, omni, cardioid, and bi-directional) give the iPad user incredible versatility to produce studio-quality recordings in a wide range of situations, i.e. vocals, live or event recording, interviews, broadcasts, instruments, bands, etc. Additional features include a zero-latency headphone output with volume control for direct monitoring, adjustable microphone gain control, and a mute button. Learn more about the Yeti at the link above, and free BF recording app here...

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