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Atomic Frogs available on the App store!

I promised I would post up a news item when Atomic Frogs came out, and I am more than a day late...sorry! I will be reviewing it soon, but since I do love me some physics puzzlers, and this one looks interesting, I had to mention and at least share the trailer. It certainly portrays excellent and explosively fun frog game logic (whatever that means), but well...aw, see for yourself in the trailer above! I'll shut up now, and hopefully get to that review very soon. Read on for more PR info about the game below... Check out the free version here!

"The frog army needs you! Atomic Frogsā„¢ is an endearing story about an army of frogs who acquired explosive abilities by bathing frequently in a radioactive pool. But one day, a troop of evil robots took their precious supply! Help them get back their life-giving toxic water by using the frogs' atomic powers to solve each challenging level!


  • Cute and lovable frog characters, each having a different explosive ability!
  • More than 80 carefully-crafted and thought-provoking levels
  • Simple pull-back and tap controls
  • Loads of exciting contraptions
  • Real world physics
  • In High-Definition (HD) with vibrant game art and graphics! The scenery changes depending on the time of day!
  • Delightful music and sound effects
  • Game Center enabled. Challenge your friends and move up in the global rankings!
  • Facebook Connect. Post your scores on Facebook!
  • A roadmap of enhancements are in the works including more levels and contraptions, tougher robots, achievements and rewards, more powerful arsenal and boss stages!
  • And of course... lots of EXPLOSIVE action!


  • Hours and hours of engaging play!
  • There's more than one way to solve a level! You are free to explore different strategies to award you with more points and atomic stars.
  • Boosts brain power! Increases receptiveness and reaction time, and develops your ability to predict outcome
  • Outrageously fun and cute! It will definitely leave a smile on your face :) "
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