Apple Sept. 10 Event Live Blog - iPhone 5S Has 2X Faster Processing with Motion Co-processor

Holy s'molies, the new iPhone 5S will sport an A7 64-bit mobile chip, and a motion co-processor, creating a whole new era in game graphics as well as health and fitness apps for iPhone! The specifics include support for xcode and 32- and 64-bit apps (2x gen, and floating point registers). 

It will run OpenGL ES 3.0 (which I covered briefly in our CES coverage this year) meaning that "graphics-intense applications can bring console- and desktop-level performance to the iPhone 5S"! Apple reps trotted out an Infinity Blade demo to prove some of the wow factor! Also on display was an Nike+ Move app that utilizes the motion co-processor. These new capabilities can leverage CoreMotion API that can analyze telemetry to detect whether you are walking or driving, etc. Amazing! Source credit, CNET.

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