X-Doria Mini iPad SmartJacket

One problem with protective cases can be that they are big and bulky; they add mass to an otherwise sleek device. However, that doesn't have to be the "case".  Let me introduce you to the X-Doria Smart Jacket for the iPad Mini.

It is slim, trim, and attractive. At the same time it offers perfectly adequate protection with a sturdy polycarbonate cover that securely snaps onto the iPad like a lobster shell. It will guard against impact and scratches.

The raised surface on the back adds further insulation and provides a surface for gripping and stability. In other words, it won't slip out of your hands.

The flexible cover, while adding protection, also serves as a two-position stand when folded. It has built-in magnets that serve to wake up or put your device to sleep when opened and closed.

This multi-functional case offers great versatility for viewing movies, playing games, reading books, and surfing the Web. It makes it a perfect work station as well for some serious typing. Write your next novel on it.

You can get a whole wardrobe of SmartJacets as it comes in a choice of white, black, blue, and pink as a reasonable price of only $34.99. You can get one from the manufacturer here:


My only disappointment is that the case will not act as a stand in the portrait position. I hope this problem will be remedied in the next iteration.

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