Satechi ST-69BTX Audio Cube Bluetooth Speaker


This handsome, portable Bluetooth Speaker system is a versatile pleasure package. A three inch cube, it is a powerhouse of surprisingly high quality sound for such a small device.

The dynamic sound is attributed to the 2x2 Watt build in speaker allowing stereo sound to be output through a dual channel speaker system with two Watts per channel. The compact enclosure contains as large as possible speakers that significantly enhance low-end bass frequencies.

The speaker will hook up to any output device that is Bluetooth enabled such as an MP3 player, Tablet, or Smartphone at a distance of about 30 feet maximum. Audio playback can be controlled from the originating device or from the multi-function controls on top of the speaker.

On one side of the speaker is a mini-USB port for charging the battery, which has a life of up to six hours of play time. Charging may be accomplished by hooking up to AC or a computer. An AC charger and cable comes with the device.

There is also an auxiliary 3.5 mm jack to hook up non-Bluetooth devices or to allow the Satechi speaker to act as an extension to other speakers. A dual male 3.5 mm cable comes in the box along with a user's manual.

This handsome little sound pumper easily earns a two thumbs up. No one wouldn't want one for home, office, and travel. It is extremely affordable at a suggested retail price of only $49.99. You can pick one up here:

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