Kinivo BTM440 Bluetooth Headset

If ever there were a creative company with lots of fun and useful digital toys and accessories, it would Kinivo. Today we’re going to review the new BTM440 Bluetooth Mono Headset.

This mono headset uses a micro USB connector for charging and comes with the appropriate cable. Charging time is 2–3 hours for a full charge. Talk time can be up to 5 hours so that’s pretty good return on the investment. Standby time is up to 150 hours, which is an excellent shelf life.

Usually I get a sore ear when I wear a head set for very long. Somehow this set is comfortable on my ear and doesn’t bother me even after a couple of hours. It’s a good fit and a great ergonomic design.

 The boom reaches out toward your mouth a little farther than many sets, but the reward is better sound quality for the listener on the other end. Many ear sets don’t even have a boom, and the quality suffers usually.  

Soon I’m planning to try out the relatively new smart watch phones, and I’ll certainly want a headset, so I’m not broadcasting my conversations to the world, and this will be my pick for privacy and hands-free calling. I also appreciate the advanced noise cancelation it offers.

The set is easy use. All the functions are controlled by a single button that is readily accessible. If you are already listening to audio when a phone call comes in, the audio automatically stops and resumes when the call has been completed.

The regular price for this product is $59.99, but it’s on sale on the Kinivo site right now for just $24.99. What a bargain. It only comes in black, so if you are more color conscious this may not be for you, but it suits me just fine.

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