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Introducing the Aspira Series iPhone 5 Cases

Ballistic has a new series of cases for the iPhone 5. The Aspira Series Case ($34.99) offers stylish but tough cases for iPhone 5.

There is little doubt that the corners of a phone take the most beating. Accordingly, Ballistic has reinforced the corners of the Aspira cases for extra protection.

The case itself has a high polish, anti-scratch coating to keep it bright and shiny and has multiple layers in the semi-rigid shell.

The cases come in a wide array of designs to choose from that include a pink floral design on a white background, pink, black, green, white, honeycomb, and black with green borders.

The suggested retail price is $34.99, but you can get them half price on Amazon. Visit the Ballistic website to see more cases: www.goballisticcase.com.

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