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ECOXGEAR ECOROX Portable Speaker [review]

The EcoRox ($129.99) is a compact, attractive, rugged, waterproof, floating speaker. It measures 5.25 x 3 x 2.5 inches, which doesn’t make it the smallest in its class. It weighs in at 11 ounces.

The rubberized exterior gives it a no nonsense appearance and provides waterproof protection as long as the rubber tab is fastened securely over the charging and 3.5-jack ports.

There are several button controls on the top panel for the following functions: power, Bluetooth, volume down, volume up, previous track, next track, and phone. It also functions as a speakerphone.

The one I got for review has black rubber trim and red grillwork. But it also comes in all black and with orange grillwork.

There is a loop for a lanyard on the bottom, and it comes with a carabineer type clip. It also has a standard quarter inch mount port on the bottom for attaching to a bike mount, car mount or tripod. The mounts are sold separately.

The L-ion rechargeable7.4v 1800mAH battery takes 2.5 hours to charge and delivers approximately 10 hours of play time.  It comes with a mini USB charging cable, but no AC charger. The frequency range is from 125Hx to 18,000Hz.

The suggested retail price is $129.99, which doesn’t make this the cheapest in its class either, but it is more rugged than others I have seen. 

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