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Attention Mobile Photo Fans: Cooltopia News

Cooltopia is securing key app integration partners for the Snappgrip, a Kickstarter project

The snappgrip will now be integrated with pro-level photography apps and social network tools including Jag.gr 645 Pro & PureShot, Weico+ and Filmic Passport.

Mobile photography fans can save $20 off the MSRPby pre-ordering it on Kickstarter by this Monday, January 28th. It will be available in early February for preorder at Amazon, Amercial and snappgrip.com for the full price. There are only 3 days left to pre-order and save!

Here is a link to the release and images: http://maxborgesagency.com/press/cooltopia-secures-key-app-integration-partners-for-snappgrip/

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