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How much will Apple diversify iPhone?

The Verizon iPhone 4 has finally arrived and with it we all are ready to tear it apart and see what is up inside. There was a bunch of hype surrounding the new tools needed to open it up but more interesting is the changes to the parts. The new CDMA smartphone comes with a Qualcomm MDM6600 chipset, which could have been used to make the verizon iPhone for into a 'world phone' as was discussed previously. The European phone carriers did not like this idea though, so Apple decided not to do this. But, this is evidence that non only did they consider this, they set the phone up to eventually go that direction.

What's next?

There are other variations from the original iPhone 4 model that makes this iPhone repair unique from the rest. It's not that there is a completely different screen but the design is different. But that's not what is interesting, what is interesting are the hints at what's to come. 

iPhone rumors are common but enough have come true that I now expect them all to come true. Apple has had the bragging  rights of being exclusive to AT&T, with only a few generation of phones. While this did not help their bottom line, it did improve the products for those who owned it. It also limited the amount of error that could arise, leading to phones that could work well with the iOS. Of course, the hardware is prone to malfunction but I think they want it that way.

Now, with the Verizon iPhone they are clearly spreading their wings and ready to really open things up. The latest rumors that are intriguing are the nano iPhone and a QWERTY Keyboard iPhone 5. Both iPhone would be gimmicky but at the same time they would each serve a valuable purpose. 

It is easy to be critical of HTC for producing too many phones but some of their variations make sense. The HTC Aria is super small but still has great functioinality. A small phone makes sense, so people don't always think your 'overly' excited to see them. When I told my friend about the possible QWERTY keyboard, he said, "That's the only way I'd buy one." 

That's about all you need to hear to know it's coming at some point, right? Right, and it is coming (at some point) and driving and texting will never have been easier for iPhone users.

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