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GV Mobile + brings Google Voice to the iPhone


A little over a year ago, Google submitted a Google Voice app to the Apple App Store for approval. Six weeks later, they were notified that the app had been rejected. Now, programmer Sean Kovacs has created his own app for Google Voice called GV Mobile +, and Apple has accepted it.

If you don’t know what Google voice is, you’re missing out. Google voice is basically a phone company created by Google. When you sign up, you choose a real working phone number, with the area code of your choice. Calls placed to this number are automatically forwarded to real cellular or land lines belonging to the user, and outbound calls can be made by using Google’s provided web application, or Android/Blackberry app, and now, through GV mobile +,  available for the iPhone. In addition to calling, you can also send SMS texts to any cell phone in the US. Calling within the United States is free and unlimited, as are texts. International calls can be made at the rate of  2 cents per minute.

GV Mobile + has a very seamless interface . It is very straight forward and easy to understand. At the bottom you have buttons for the dialer, SMS, call history, voicemail, and settings. Using the app is just as easy as using iPhone’s stock dialer and SMS programs. It’s a true “use out of the box” program. The only real setup involved is inputting your google account information so you don't need your local iPhone repair store to hack it..

Hopefully, this app lasts in the app store. The original Google Voice app was rejected with really no sort of formal reasoning given by Apple. It was rumored that Apple rejected it because of its use of voice over IP technology from the phone, which ends up being a heavy data load. AT&T maintains that it has nothing to do with the rejection or approval  of iPhone apps.  Google then issued a release saying that the app used the carrier’s voice network to place call, dispelling those rumors. When questioned by the FCC, Apple came out and stated that they never really rejected the app, and that they were still continuing to examine it. Though it still has never showed up in the App store.

So go grab GV Mobile + while you can. It is $3.00 in the app store, which is well worth it in my opinion. There is also a free version that only allows calling (no texting). 

Authors note: Big thanks to Craig for helping me on this!

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