Kurt Warner's Football 101

Associate editor Benjamin Katz and I recently had the opportunity interview former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner for an upcoming issue. Kurt has recently released Kurt Warner's Football 101 lite. The iPad app is the first of a series of children's apps that Kurt plans to release in partnership with "Good Sports Gang LLC".  According to Kurt, the goal of these apps are to use sports to encourage education and family values.

I was very impressed by Kurt's passion. Generally when a celebrity puts their name behind an app they really had very little to do with the app. It was clear from talking to him, that Kurt was an integral part of  the project. In addition to app development, we also got to ask him some questions about Football and Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately for Cardinal's fans, Kurt has no interest in pulling a Brett Favre and coming out of retirement.

The full version of Kurt Warner's Football 101 should be available in the app store later this month. For more info visit Good Sports Gang's website. Look for the full interview in the spring issue of iPhone Life magazine.

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