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Got the iPhone 4 but I can't use it!

I'm sitting here on hold with AT&T staring at my new iPhone 4 wishing I could use it! Unfortunately in the mayhem and glitches of pre-order day I got assigned a new number rather than having my current iPhone upgraded.  It's now the 5th hour of talking to AT&T. I think I've been on hold for 4 of those hours. This music is driving me crazy, WHY GOD DID SUCH A BEAUTIFUL  PIECE OF HARDWARE HAVE TO BE PARTNERED WITH SUCH TERRIBLE SERVICE!?!?


One of my threats while dealing with the 6 different departments and managers I've been transfered to was that I would write a terrible review of AT&T on our website (unfortunately I didn't take names). But here is it. What are your AT&T horror stories? Post below


UPDATE: So I just got off the phone with the department that was supposed to solve my problems. They were the least helpful of all the departments so far. They said that I have no option but to return the phone and buy another one. AT&T wrecks the day again. I'm surprised that I'm surprised...

UPDATE 2: After 2 more hours on the phone with customer service (7 hours total) I have determined that I can go into the AT&T store and they will take care of it for me (you were right Jo Thorpe). I'm counting it as a win at this point. Special thanks to Mary Levine who was the one bright spot in an otherwise horrendous day (of customer service and otherwise)

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