Find my Device Service Now Free with iOS 4.2

Apple released the long awaited upgrade to its mobile operating system, iOS 4.2, yesterday. Lost in the excitement of multitasking and folders for iPad are some cool features for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With the release of 4.2 Apple now offers it's find my iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch) feature for free without a MobileMe account. This service uses GPS to help users find their device if lost or stolen. It also allows users to display a message on their phone or to wipe the phone's data. 

This service is available for iPhone 4, iPad and iPod touch 4th generation. It will be interesting to see if Apple starts offering more MobileMe features for free of maybe even a basic MobileMe account for free.

For directions on how to set up "find my iPhone" click here

To see all of the cool new features of iOS 4.2 (including a video about find my iPhone) click here

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