UPDATE: AT&T offers iPhone users 1000 free Rollover minutes

Update: It took about a month but I did receive my 1000 free rollover minutes. And I have not received any annoying text messages or promotions from AT&T as a result. It looks like there was no catch as far as I can tell.


Did you guys receive yours?

Experts are estimating that at least 25% of AT&T users will abandon them in favor of the Verizon iPhone. In one of their many efforts to keep their iPhone users, AT&T is offering 1000 free rollover minutes. To receive your 1000 minutes simply text "yes" to 11113020. Warning this will sign you up for there sms marketing program. To unsubscribe from the marketing program simply text stop to same number. The text says it will take 4 weeks to process not sure if you are allowed to unsubscribe while processing. 

Are these measures enough to get you to stay with AT&T? Let us know if you sign up for your 1000 minutes? Even if you stay with AT&T the Verizon iPhone is probably the best thing to happen to AT&T users. The competition should improve the prices and services of both networks.

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