(Update)Apple Rumors: iPad launch event scheduled March 2nd!

I woke up this morning to some disturbing news (or more accurately gossip).  According to "several sources"  the iPad 2 launch had been delayed until June. I've been holding out to purchase a new iPad for months now and the wait is killing me. Fortunately the heartbreak only lasted a few hours until another, better rumor taught me how to love again. Kara Swisher of all things digitial has heard from the proverbial "several sources" that the iPad 2 is scheduled to launch on March 2nd at an Apple press conference in San Francisco.  That's only about week away! I hope she's right because I can't take these rumors anymore. Now that Melo has been traded to the Knicks this is the biggest drama in my life (and a certain unnamed girl who still hasn't called me back.)

If you're reading this blog you are probably just as familiar with the iPad 2 rumors as I am so I won't bore you with my speculation on what the new iPad will include. Suffice it to say it probably be thinner and better in almost every way (just like my next girlfriend).

UPDATE: It looks like the rumors were correct. Invitations have started going out. (see below)

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