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App Review: Body Fate

We all know that the App Store is full of games that are wonderful to pick up and play, but Body Fate is one app that encourages you to get up and play, which is a different concept entirely. 

Body Fate's

Body Fate is interesting in that it is a fitness app that disguises itself as a game. You are rewarded for any accomplishments you make, but the game is also smart enough to punish you if you're cheating (so don't count on just pressing the "I did it" button to skip your least favorite workout).

When you start the 'game,' you will be presented with an exercise to do. Usually, you will either need to do a certain amount of things (10 pushups for example), or perhaps to do jumping jacks for 2 minutes straight. Whatever the exercise may be, there will be a picture onscreen showing you what to do. This is especially handy in case there are any exercises here that you aren't familiar with.

For each workout, you get three 'rests' and one 'pass.' You can earn more passes by doing a good job at what the game tells you to do. However, what the game giveth it also taketh away; get caught cheating in some way, and the game will punish you by making you redo whatever you attempted to bypass.

My only real complaint with Body Fate is the pictures they've used to demonstrate the exercises; they are very helpful, but at times I find myself wishing there was a fluid animation to view rather than a set of pictures. This is really more of a nitpick though, and certainly not reason enough to skip the app altogether.

In the end, how helpful this app is will depend on the user. Frankly, some people probably need a lot more than an app on their phone to motivate them to exercise. However, for others, Body Fate might be just the push they need to get off the couch and start exercising - at least for a while.


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