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New iPhone4 case turns your iPhone into a portable ECG/EKG monitor

Reported in iPhoneinCanada.ca is a very cool app if it works as demonstrated which would allow everyone to carry with them a portable ECG/EKG device which just may save countless lives if this information is sent directly to hospitals as the Paramedics are on the way to the scene.

This makes me want to upgrade my iPhone 3GS to the next iPhone version (5) when it comes out and when I can afford to, just so I have this capability available to help others.

I posted this information and link on Twitter and Facebook for all my friends to see and pass along to their friends.


iPhoneECG or EKG video. Technology catches up with Reality again. Small step for man, giant leep for mankind: http://youtu.be/dY7ZQM5eah8


Check out the YouTube video of this very cool case for the iPhone 4 only at this time. I wish they had a version for my 3GS now and I hope they make a version for the new iPhone5 when it's available to use with my hopeful upgrade this year.



the name of the developer/company is LifetoneTechnology and they are planning on introducing the device at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. So check out the dates and times so that you can see it demonstrated by the experts.


This is very cools stuff indeed and as the Twitter and Facebook post state, it is "Technology catches up with Reality again. Small step for man, giant leep for mankind"


I'm looking forward to everything this company/developer has to offer in the medical field so that everyone who owns and iPhone can help others in their time of need with more information being sent to the hospital before the paramedics arrive.





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