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iOS4 Folder Tips part 2

My Gosh, which page did I put my app on and which folder did I put my app in? I'm so confused now!

Now that Apple has released iOS4 for the iPhone/iPod, we have the ability to finally create and put our programs into folders. The problem use to be remembering which of the 11 pages the app was on and now its so hard to remember wich folder the app is in because some of us have created 16 folders on each of the 11 pages + 4 additional folders at the bottom, each containing 12 apps also. This makes for a grand total of 180 folders containing upto 23,280 apps.

Now I don't know about you but, I have trouble remembering which page my app is on and which folder I put my app into so, here's a way to quickly find the app no mater where its been placed. Just find the app with the searchlight option. This can be located by turning on the iPhone/iPod and then swipe to the right until the search bar is displayed at the top and then touch it and type in some key words like any part of the title and a list of programs will be generated in the display below the search bar.

If the program is not at the top then scroll down with your finger within the list and see if it's listed down below. When you find it, click on it and the progam will be opened and ready for you to use.

There is also another tip I think I've found but I'm in the process of checking it out before I blog about it in iOS4 Tips part 3.

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