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iOS4 Folder Tips part 1

Now that we've got iOS4, what can we do with it.

Here is an iOS4 tip for putting apps inside a folder.

1. From the iTunes screen, click on the iphone icon on the left side.


2. Then click on the Apps tab on top and open the folder that you want to put the specific apps into and click or check the box next to the app and it will automatically show up in the open folder.



3. Once all the apps are in the folder (up to 12 apps per folder), close it and then sync the iPhone and the apps will be in the folders.


1. You can do this for every app and every folder before you sync.

2. I prefer to do step 1 and then use the Spotlight feature or Magnifying glass to enter key words from the app that I remember and then check the box of the app so that it shows up in the folder I want the apps to be grouped into when I sync my iPhone.

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