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Do you have issues with iTunes 10?

I'm finding little things and some differences with the iTunes 10 update, and I was wondering how many other people are experiencing problems with the latest version of iTunes. So sound off with your comments to let the rest of us know what issues you are having with this latest update.

I'll start it off by saying that my iPhone shows 100% with the Plug next to it telling me that it's fully charged and yet the symbol next to the device in iTunes 10, shows that it is still charging. Now to be fair about this issue, while I was typing my issue to post on this blog, I noticed that the iTunes charging picture did change however, it did take a while to change to the correct picture.

I think I may have found another issue that I'll post after I confirm it so check back often to see if there are any other issues that iTunes customers are experiencing and sharing.


Please leave any and all comments about this issue, so that other people can read, learn and share the information that you have with other readers.

We can only hope that Apple is reading the blogs outside their Website for additional information on Apple product issues that we all experience.




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