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App Review - LookTel Money Reader

What denomination of bills do I have in my hand? If you have eyesight, it's easy to tell however, if you're blind then you are taught to fold you bills a certain way for each of the denominations that are available for the $1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 & 100 dollar bills and then you have to remember the folds when you go to spend them. Also, how do you know if the bill given back to you as change for your purchase is the accurate?

Well now you can with a program called "LookTel Money Reader". Here is what the icon looks like.

I tested it out on $1, 5, 10, & a $20 that I had with me at the time, and with todays economy I haven't seen a $50 or $100 bill for a very long time however, I'm thinking of going to the bank to get a $2, $50 & $100 bill just to see if it works as shown in the demo. Check out the link.


I couldn't believe it worked as shown in the demo.

Currently Version 1.0 - Supports all US currency in all denominations from $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, with a Disclaimer: This app should not be used to detect counterfeit currency or be solely relied upon for money identification.

Now since I'm not blind yet (although my kids sometimes think I am), I use this app to show what is possible today and I only hope that someone figures out a way to determine if they are counterfeit so I can stop using the counterfeit markers.

App Store link


I found this app to be very useful for the blind and also entertaining for my seeing friends who have a hard time believing what is possible today, especially with the iPhone.


Right now this app costs $1.99 and to me it's worth it, so check it out and leave your feedback about this app on the blog and enjoy.




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