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Kickstarter + Polaroid + iPhone = The Instant Lab

Long before the iPhone became the darling of so many photographers, Polaroid was equally admired. Although Polaroid, the company, stopped making instant film, Polaroid, the instant photo concept, has continued on. There are many iPhone apps that imitate the Polaroid style of pictures. The Impossible Project started making instant film that can be used with the old Polaroid cameras a couple of years ago. And now they have created (or are about to create) a machine that will make instant pictures with their film directly from your iPhone. The machine will be called the Instant Lab. In order to fund it the Impossible Project created a Kickstarter Project that sought $250,000. As of today, they have been pledged $507,756! And you still have five days to get in on the project. Wow! iPhones and Polaroid will be officially (or at least unofficially) married! For details: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/impossible/impossible-instant-lab-turn-iphone-images-into-rea 

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Joel Heffner is a writer and speaker. He has been writing about photography for about thirty years, ever since his book Amphoto Guide to Wedding Photography was published. Today, he mainly uses two types of cameras, pinhole cameras and an iPhone, a photographic odd couple of sorts.