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One of the things that always bothered me about using Instagram was sharing images. Now, you can share your Instagram images easily online. If you have an account you can now, or you will be able to do it soon, view your pictures online. For example, my address is http://instagram.com/joelheffner. [My account became active earlier today.] They say that if you have an Instagram account it should be up and running within about a week. Check with Instagram about your privacy settings. It's a very welcome change...at least to me.

Incidentally, if you look at my own pictures on Instagram, you may notice that I rarely use any special effects. I guess I'm kinda old fashioned. 

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Joel Heffner is a writer and speaker. He has been writing about photography for about thirty years, ever since his book Amphoto Guide to Wedding Photography was published. Today, he mainly uses two types of cameras, pinhole cameras and an iPhone, a photographic odd couple of sorts.