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What’s Been Going On?

So I have not added any posts in the last few weeks. December is a busy month for me between work, my son’s school and the holidays. But now I have a bit of a breather so I wanted to add in a few updates (In my traditional long post).

You are probably all aware by now that CES is this week. I have always wanted to go and have never been. I have officially added it to my “Bucket” list. Someday I will go. But in the meantime, there is going to be a lot of web talk, videos, tweets, and blogs about all the cool stuff that manufacturers will introduce. I am excited to see what’s in store for us.


I was very fortunate to receive some cool tech accessories for Christmas. I had received some Speck Screen guards, an Army Map Case bag, and an Apple Store Gift Card (I’m still debating on getting an iPod Touch 4 but I still cannot justify it, BUT I want one).

Army Map Case Bag info here:




I received an iTunes Gift Card as a gift also so I have made a few purchases since then.

COD: Zombies for HD

I purchased this app as I really liked the iPod Touch version I had. It was cheaper than originally released and I wanted to experience better controls for the iPad. However, this app crashes as soon as you open it. I contacted Apple and the Developer and noted that I see other people having this same problem.  I am personally not recommending this game for purchase until the developer fixes this issue.




I actually purchased this last night. While I like to enter my larger blog posts on the PC, I would like to use the iPad for more smaller blog posts. This will be a work in progress when I get some time here or there, but I am looking forward to learning and using this app.




I bought the iPad version when it was 99 cents during the holidays. I have only played a few games against the computer but I enjoy playing scrabble in general. I read there is a feature where you can use your iPhone/iPod Touch in conjunction as the tile holder and then fling over the letters. I have not tried that yet though.




I purchased this based on a recommendation (Thank You) I received on the iPhoneLife Facebook page. Basically, I wanted an app that could give me some offline data as we had in the past with the Avantgo service back then. I have only tested this out a few times, and do not plan on using it extensively. There are some times though when I will be putting this app to work where there will be no wi-fi and I where want to get caught up on some web news, forums, etc. I will not be doing a full review on this but as I use it more, I may post some notes here and there on it. There is a free version also available.




I saw Jim Karpens’ post about the Free OverDrive Media Console and downloaded that today. You can read more about it here:




To Do app

Steve Overton had posted an FYI about this app being on sale for 99 cents on 12/31. I scooped it up at that price but have not had an opportunity to really sit and explore it. It looks like the price now is $4.99.













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