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Update: Waterfield Travel Express


Back in June I reviewed the Waterfield Travel Express for the Apple Keyboard. I use it mostly during travel times so I wanted to give you a brief update and some news. It’s still going strong and is one of my favorite organizational accessories. It was designed for the Keyboard and additional accessories. But I have a secret to tell. SSSHHHH! I have been using it with my 7” Samsung Galaxy tab also. Obviously it’s too big for it, but it also holds my needed accessories at the same time. With that said, there are Travel Expresses designed for your iPad too. I do not think this is new but it never clicked with me that there was one specific to that device. I put a link below. How cool is that.

Lastly, for those considering getting the newly announced Amazon Fire, yes, there will be a Travel Express for that as well.

But no matter what device you have, Waterfield can probably hook you up with a cool accessory.

iPad Travel Express


Kindle Fire Travel Express


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