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Speck Store Opening in Palo Alto, CA!


If you live near Palo Alto, CA, Speck is opening what appears to be a pretty cool retail store.

"At 6PM we're inviting the community to stop in for ice cream, network with one another, peruse our "haberdashery for your gadgetry," and have awesomely nerdy conversations about the bright future we're all living in. 


212 Homer Ave

Palo Alto, CA 

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Louis Senecal has been a mobile enthusiast since 2001 with the release of the HP Jornada Series Pocket PC. He reviews products for BostonPocketPC.com. He uses mobile tech to make his life more organized and entertaining. In addition to being a dad and a husband, Louis has a career in the Loss Prevention industry. He has been a volunteer firefighter for more than a decade and supports his community in various volunteer capacities.